Rainbows all over the world

I am out and proud when it comes to gay rights in Australia. And why shouldn’t I be? As a mother by choice – I have rights. As a wife by choice – I have rights. As an employee by choice – I have rights and as a student by choice – I have rights. So when life chooses your sexuality for you, why do you then lose that choice? Nearly 20 years ago I was personally touched by the world of rainbows. My love, my respect and my attitude towards this person who introduced me to rainbows has never changed and it never will. I am proud to be a part of their life and proud of who they are. But have our attitudes regarding gay rights matured with knowledge? Not in Russia where anti-gay rights are being introduced like we are back to the turn of the century.

It has taken to 2013 for one state in Australia to finally pass a law on same sex marriage. This is only 1 state. The Federal law has not moved with the times and can overturn any decision made by the state. It is difficult to understand why Tony Abbott, who has a gay sister, would not support such a bill. An individuals sexual orientation does not affect anyone else other than the person involved. AND it is not a choice they have made – life made the choice for them.

In my extended family, we have many out and proud gay members, all of which are warmly surrounded by a loving family. My children do not know any different as this is a world they have been a part of since birth. When my 6 year asks me a question about same sex couples, I will answer honestly and to his level of understanding. Whereas Ashlea understands a great deal more and has never been afraid to ask what adults may think of as  an “awkward question”.

With 4 beautiful children growing up in a world where it can be difficult to know where you fit in, acceptance is an essential lesson to teach them. The love I feel for each of my children will not change, especially concerning their sexuality. Life is full of rainbows, making the journey through life a brighter one.

cheers natalie

Image 3

“Being gay is not something you choose, it is something that is chosen for you,” is what I grew up hearing about being gay. Personally, I do not see what all the drama is about. A gay person is a person just like anyone else, they are just different. Being different is not a sin, it is just a way to differentiate yourself from others. For some people, being different may be something as small as having curly hair, as I do, or wearing bold clothes. For someone who is gay, it is being brave enough to admit who they really are. Why do people think being gay means having any less right to get married as a straight couple?

When I think of marriage, I don’t think of a man and a woman, all I think of is a love heart. I believe marriage should be founded on love and not money or greed. If two gay people really love each other why can’t they make it official? I see no problem with this and I am only a teenage girl. I believe that marriage should be for two people who love each other, even if it is between two people of the same sex.

I was raised in a very gay friendly environment. As Mum mentioned above I have lots of openly gay family members and I definitely don’t love them less because of who they are. I think Australia needs to wake up and realise we are living in an ancient way. We no longer see things in the way we did one hundred years ago, so why can’t we accept that everyone deserves the same rights to marry. We are failing to keep everyone in our country happy, something that doesn’t represent what Australia is all about.

Ellen DeGeneres is a married gay woman and is well respected all over the world. If we have accepted her as gay why can’t we accept everyone else?

Ashlea xox


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