Our Special Connection

This blog started as a little bit of fun for me to practise my writing skills. I am currently completing a Bachelor in Professional Writing and Publishing, of which I am two thirds of the way through and I thought a blog is a perfect medium to develop knowledge. While discussing this with Ashlea ( my little mentor), we came up with the idea of writing a blog together. WOW. A new concept had been created and we were both ready to go.

I often look at Ash and can see a younger version of myself. Wrong I know but her passions are similar to my passions at the same age. I love to read…. Ash loves to read. I love to write…. Ash loves to write. I love socialising… Ash loves socialising. I love spending time with family… Ash loves spending time with family.

I could never cope with four children if it weren’t for Ashlea. She helps me through each day with a beautiful smile on her face. Ashlea doesn’t often complain about much even when I ask her to do boring chores like folding the clothes or wiping the kitchen table. She simply agrees and gets on with the job. I love her attitude.

Ashlea has a genuine kind heart. She will often stop what she is doing to help others. As a student, I am often told from her teachers what a patient and helpful student Ashlea is. It warms me inside as I am so proud of the young lady she is turning into. As a sister, she has her moments of losing the plot with her siblings but everyone has to crack sometimes. As a daughter she is a special gift that I will treasure for the rest of my life. As a friend she has true  empathy, a solid listener and extremely loyal.

Thanks for your special connection Ashlea. Lets continue to grow together.

(Hopefully not too soppy)

Cheers natalie


I’m closer with my mum than most of my friends are with theirs. They’re always complaining about how annoying their mums are while I go home and write a blog with mine. I’ve always been particularly close with Mum and things such as a blog only bring us closer.

We think in fairly similar ways so I can have mostly intelligent conversations with her, I say mostly as I have an inability to string sentences together sometimes. We share similar beliefs and values as well. She understands me more than I understand myself, her words not mine, so she always knows what I’m talking about.

Although I think the most important thing is that Mum and I share passions. We both adore reading and writing and are both overly social butterflies. I can talk to Mum about anything because I know she will always tell me the truth and not keep things from me. I love the fact that I can talk to Mum about all my crazy thoughts and she attempts to understand, more than anyone else does for that matter.

My mum is one of the few people who really gets me which is something I will be forever grateful for.

Ciao Bella




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