I’m here to back you up

I am a little emotional this week as my second child is off to her Yr.7 school orientation. I am proud of her and know she will succeed in what ever she wishes to do with her life.

As a mother of four, I know how difficult life can be just trying to keep up with everything. One child has training of some sort, while another has an important project. The same time one is upset with friends at school and the other child has head lice. It is a never ending battle just trying to stay sane.

When my children were younger, I thought parenting was like a cruise down the coast on a Sunday afternoon. Yes there were a few pot holes but overall, as long as they were fed, bathed (all in the bath together many nights) and had a cuddle with Mum and Dad, it wasn’t too difficult.

As my children are getting older and into the teenage years, I am finding this parenting caper a challenge, an emotional challenge. My children no longer need me physically like they did when they were younger, however they need me emotionally and each child needs me for something different. Every day I try to assess each child, understand what they are feeling and if they actually need me today (a big sign when I think one or two are doing well). It’s the little things with children this age that can develop very quickly into BIG things before you have even finished the first page of a good novel.

My job over the next few years is to be their voice. My children are strong and healthy kids but they are still often unable to voice what they really think, need or want. So this is where I come in, ready to he their voice, to be their words until they tell me to ‘back off’. I am there to back them up, no matter what they have or have not done, I will be there.

I don’t remember signing up for this in the maternity ward…

cheers natalie




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  2. […] Let’s teach our children better social etiquette, both online and in person. If you would not say it to the persons face, one on one, then you do not say it online for everyone to read. It is a cowardice act and one that should be tolerated. Our children are too precious. […]

  3. […] my children make their own decisions on many aspects of their lives. I always let them know that I have their back but like to push them a little to challenge […]

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