Our First Month of Blogging

A lot can happen in a month. Exactly a month ago, Mum and I started our blog. Despite it only being thirty days, I look back and marvel about all that has happened. Since November 7, the birthdate of our blog, a lot of things have occurred. For our blogs “Month-a-versary” I thought I would highlight the top 5 events for the month of November:

  • Catching Fire!!! As you all know, Mum and I along with a couple of friends went and saw Catching Fire. This movie was the definite highlight of my November and I know Mum really enjoyed it. As it was something that I had been waiting months for, the film was everything and more than I had wished for. Along with the hype leading up to it, Catching Fire was my favourite thing in November.
  • Despite watching the most amazing movie ever, Mum says that her favourite part of November was Melbourne Cup Day. Every year our family hosts the occasion and over one hundred people come. Our house is always chaotic but I can see why Mum enjoys it, our family always loves the party atmosphere.
  • Finishing Yr.7. Obviously this was a really big moment for me. All within one week I had finished Yr.7 and started Yr.8. At my high school we finish the school year a little early so we can begin transition for the following year. This can be a scary time as we actually start Yr.8 work and classes but I find it fun!
  • A small glimpse at what we hope the summer weather will be. Although it was only spring, our entire family loves the warming weather. We all enjoy going to the beach and living it up in the sun. We love swimming, surfing and sunning on all the warm days November had to throw at us.
  • And of course, our blog. Mum and I love writing, reviewing and talking about our blog and everything we have written for it. I know that I personally have really enjoyed working with Mum on pieces that we have to write and have written.

Mum and I have had a really successful month with blog and can’t wait for many more successful months to come.

Ashlea xxx

one month anniversary



  1. Great work Ash and Nat..have enjoyed your blogs and keeping secrets…well done

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