“Keeping Secrets – Ch.11 – Darkness (2nd storyline)


The heat is beading onto my tanned golden skin, warming each part of my body from the inside out. The soft sand sifts through my fingers, each grain falling delicately to the ground below. My eyes are closed, my thoughts are empty as my head rests sleepily on a towel, every muscle relaxed. The calmness of the waves, trickling up to the shore then back out to sea, a continuous act of nature seeping into my conscious thoughts.

Summer time is my favourite time of the year. Swimming all day, playing outside in the warmth, staying up late as the sun wants to stay out and play too. Roxie runs towards me, water dripping off her shoulder length hair making her look older and more mature than anyone our age.

I begin to laugh at the sight of her bathers, olive green board shorts with a yellow rash top entirely covered in white skull heads. As I continue to giggle, her elated expression leaves turning into anger.

A heavy dark cloud moves swiftly overhead, covering the beautiful sunlight, taking the warmth and replacing it with a terrifying chill.

Her face reddens, her eyes turn black like she is possessed by a devil like creature. She speaks only it isn’t her voice. It is the voice of hatred threatening me, scaring me by their words. I try leaping from my towel to run away from her, run from the darkness. I can’t move, my body is locked to the ground, trapping me in a helpless position.

Scream, let me scream. My voice won’t let me scream. The more I try to move the more the sand captures me, pulling me deeper down.

“Arrhhh,” I scream, as I wake from my nightmare.

My voice wavers, my hands shake, still picturing Roxie’s evil face. I am awake and safe in my sanctuary, my bedroom with my possessions and my voice. My body is soaked from the nightmare, still shaking from what it has experienced. The coolness of the night air surrounding my soaking skin makes me shiver uncontrollably.

The darkness has followed me into my dreams. As I lay awake regaining the knowledge that it is only a dream, I begin to wish this party never existed. It is haunting me, during the day I feel the anger, the darkness surround my every move and now at night, while my body relaxes, the darkness haunts me.





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  2. […] “Keeping Secrets – Ch.11 – Darkness (2nd storyline) (ourparallelconnection.com) […]

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