Sibling Rivalry – is it healthy?

Sibling rivalry is definitely real amongst my siblings and I. We fight, we argue, we disagree just like any other family does. We constantly go on about who is the ‘golden child’ {as we all know it is me} but we can never seem to agree on who it is as we all believe that it is us.

We each claim that Mum or Dad have told us that we are their favourite despite their protests that they have none. I think sibling rivalry is a normal part of growing up. If kids didn’t compete for their parents attention then they wouldn’t be real siblings.

Fighting to be the best and always striving to out do one another is what makes sibling rivalry something that completes every family. Although my brothers, sister and I are constantly arguing and attempting to decide who is the ‘golden child’, I know that it is all in jest. Amongst my siblings, I can tell that we are close, no matter how much we argue.

By looking at how my parents interact with their siblings I know that sibling rivalry fades over time. Watching my parents has taught me that your siblings may just be your best friends so we may as well get used to each other.

In one night we can go from being the best of friends to people who despise each other’s existence within seconds. Sibling rivalry can turn on and off within seconds but in the end we have always made up and become friends again. My brothers and sister are some of my closest friends and I know they always will be.

See ya Ashlea xx


It is true that arguments and fighting with siblings does decrease as you mature. However, it still exists and sometimes I think it is healthy.

Recently I had an argument (quite heated at the time) with my only brother. Things were said in the heat of the moment that we may not have meant. A few days later when my brother called me he said “I don’t want this to ruin the great friendship we have.” And that is true. We have a wonderful friendship – not only between the siblings but also everyone’s partners.

The closeness I have to my siblings means sometimes we think we know what is best for them. So we go in to bat for them, trying to sort out an issue that they may not actually want sorted out. We are very similar in likes/dislikes but we are also very different in many ways. We each have different partners which alter the dynamics (in a good way). We all have children but our parenting differs. We share similar values and morals but there are also aspects of what we believe in which differ greatly.

Sibling rivalry doesn’t exist as it use to when we were children. Healthy discussions and disagreements are what result in a family understanding more about each other and keeping the relationships real. I love my brother and sisters and hope my children grow up to have their siblings as BEST FRIENDS like I do.

cheers natalie xxx




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