New Years Challenges

Ash and I ( oh and the family) have had a week off. We haven’t been away anywhere but it was nice just to take a back seat and chill. One of my favourite things is to catch up on the annoying things around the house that you just never seem to get time for. I think I have ticked most off my list.
This year for me is a time I think I need to start to look for work within the writing genre, following my degree. I am 2/3 rd’s through my degree in professional writing and publishing and I think this year I need to take the plunge and apply for jobs in this arena.
This year should also finally complete our house ( bought 2 years ago and done a complete make over) all while living in the house, with most of the work done by us. It will be wonderful to enjoy my beautiful home knowing I have nothing else to do in it.
Ashlea is in Yr.8 which I know gets a little harder but I’m sure she will thrive by the challenge. My number 2 starts Yr.7 so many hours will be dedicated to assisting her through an interesting year. I am nervous and excited for her at the same time. My boys are in grade 5 & 2, so we will have a senior and a junior at the school. I know my boys will have a successful year.
What’s happening with your year?

cheers natalie


2014 is definitely going to a big year for everyone in my family. Mum and I are continuing to work on our blog, Breanna is starting high school and my brothers are continuing throughout primary school. Despite having a blog to focus on, my new years resolution is to get the best results I possibly can this year in all my subjects. As well as trying hard in school, I also want to do as much writing as possible, creative as well as blogging.

There are many exciting things that are happening in my life this year. I turn fourteen, officially stepping further into being a teenager. Like with Catching Fire this year, many books that I’ve read and loved are being made into movies that are being released this year such as The Fault In Our Stars, Divergent, Mockingjay Part 1 and The Maze Runner. I hope that 2014 will be as good to you as I hope it is for me.

see ya Ashlea


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