Easy tips for starting school

I, as well as hundreds of others, started back at school last week. I had my first official day of year eight and I can safely say I survived. In my family my brothers went back on Wednesday and then my sister and I started on Friday. It was a really busy week in our house but I think that we all had fun on our first day back at school.

The first day of high school was really daunting for me last year but this year it was as if it’s as just a normal day of school. I don’t know whether it was the fact that I had done transition last year for year eight or whether it was because I was ready for school but my first day of year eight was entirely stress free.

I think the most important part of having positive thoughts about going back to school is to look at the bright side. I thought about all the friends I would get to see after nearly two months of being apart. I thought about how by starting year eight I am one year closer to finishing completely. I also thought about how I would get six hours a day away from my siblings.

With only good thoughts in mind going back to school can be easy and even though many of us don’t want to leave the holidays behind, all you have to do is think of the weekends where you can have twice the amount of fun that was lost from school. School can be fun if you put your mind to it and remain positive.

Despite everyone saying that they don’t want to go back to school, I think everyone deep down wants to go back. Whether it’s for friends, learning or even to be one step closer to finishing, there is a reason to want to return. Personally I’m glad to be back at school because learning and socialising are two things I love the most.



It’s probably a little wrong for me to talk about my first day of school, so I won’t bore you. This year was a special year as number 2 daughter started High School. Her first day was Friday and we left the house feeling a little nervous, excited and confused as to what to expect.

The morning began with a breakfast so the parents could meet and the children could ease into the idea of going to High school. I think it was a success as I watched my daughters face glow when she saw some familiar faces, some friendly faces but most of all many faces which appeared to be just like hers.

When it was time for me to leave, my daughter did not hesitate and left happily. I was a little anxious but she managed to put my nerves at ease. On picking her up at the end of the day, her face was still glowing, smiles all round and definitely what I would deem a success.

My sons both started on Wednesday and happily ran off in the playground as we entered the school. Neither came back to me to even say goodbye when the bell went (even though I asked them to) so I can put that down to happily adjusted boys.

Some children struggle a little more with school, leaving parents, the idea of being away from home for such a long period of time. Here are some easy tips on helping your children settle into school over term 1.

1. Its more important for the parents to stay calm and relaxed. Children feed off parents emotions, so if you are stressed, they will sense this and think there MUST be something to be worried about.

2. Have lunch, snacks and drinks all separate and labelled. School children make the decision what to eat at recess and lunch time. Having plenty of food and the right healthy choices keeps their energy levels up all day and stops them from getting hungry.

3. Keep bedtime early, especially for the first term. Spending 6 hours a day at school is exhausting (even for High school kids), so having a strict routine at night which involves plenty of sleep can only make the following morning easier.

4. Remember every child settles into school life at their own pace. Some kids leave you in the playground, not looking back. While others stand close by, making sure you are not leaving without saying goodbye.

Hope everyone enjoys the school year.

cheers natalie


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