This is our first EVER ‘Girls ♥ Talk’. This is where Ashlea and I will answer questions posted to us from our loyal readers. If you would like us to discuss any issues you may have, email us on

Girl Talk – Hi guys, I need help. I have caught my Mum reading my text messages when she thinks I am not looking. I don’t read her messages so why does she keep reading mine? unhappy 14yr old

Dear unhappy 14yr old,

Privacy is a huge must in any relationship. If you and your mum don’t respect each other’s privacy and don’t trust each other enough to keep some things private then how are you supposed to remain on good terms? If I were you I would sit your mum down and explain to her that you’re feeling as though your privacy is being invaded and that she doesn’t trust you. You’re mum will hopefully see that as long as you can talk openly about anything she won’t need to read your texts to see if you’re hiding anything.    see ya Ash

Dear unhappy 14yr old,

I agree with Ash when she says privacy is essential in any relationship. Have you given your Mum any reason to distrust you? Maybe your mum is feeling like you never share anything with her anymore and the only way she can stay in touch with you is to understand what is happening in your life by reading messages. I don’t agree with being sneaky about reading other people’s private messages and you will need to sit down with her and explain how it makes you feel. Most mums feel a little lost when their children start being independent and exclude them from their lives. Keep your mum involved in your life by telling some of the gossip so she feels like she is still important in your life.   cheers natalie


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