Are team sports important for children?

Being part of a team is definitely important, especially growing up. I’ve always played basketball and just recently started netball. I think that being a part of team boosts your confidence and socialising skills. It also lets you have fun playing your sport with other people.

I love playing in teams because it means all the pressure isn’t just on me like sports such as swimming or skateboarding. In sports such as basketball, netball, soccer, cricket and so many more, you have the opportunity to play with other people who enjoy the same sport as you.

When I play in a team, I always feel as though I have to perform better. Without a team you could play at any level you what’d because no one relied on you to be good. With a team you almost get pushed by your team mates into doing the best you can. Having encouragement makes things so much easier in sport.

Playing a team sport helps you become more social and confident a round others. It helps you to interact with people who like the same things as you. When you play, you are forced to talk to your team mates so you are bound to become friends with people who you may not have been friends with before.

Basically, team sports are really fun. They have everything to make great memories as a child or to keep fit as an adult. Sports are a huge part of Australian culture, as is competition. Competition is a great way for kids to learn how to win and loose. Team sports are definitely a very important thing to be a part of.



All my children play team sports as I think it is essential to learn to be part of a group effort, the highs and lows included but feeling integrated within a small group.

Once a commitment is made to join a team, children need to learn to stay committed. That includes participating in training as well as game day festivities. There is no pulling out of a team sport mid season just because you have tired of the sport. The commitment has been made to be part of a team and as a parent, it’s my role to ensure my children understand this commitment and stick to it.

Teams rely on each to succeed. Teaching children that a team involves other people relying on them and visa versa (yes shock horror – it is not always about you) can be a lesson that helps them succeed when they get older.

Being part of a team also involves the coaching staff. In many children’s sports, the coaches are the parents of team members, devoting their time to the team. Out of respect for the coach, turning up on time to training sessions and game day, is an important part of being in a team.

cheers natalie


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