Girls ♥ Talk

Girls ♥ Talk

My friends and I had a fight but I’m scared to tell my mum, she’ll think it was my fault. How do I approach her without her getting angry?

Okay well first off, unless you have done something wrong, don’t feel guilty at all. Everyone has fights with their friends, everyone says things in the heat of an argument they wish they could take back later, everyone makes mistakes. Don’t feel like you have to blame yourself.

When approaching your mum on an undesirable topic, they key is timing. Don’t tell her when she is surrounded by other people, nor if she’s in the middle of something else. When you know that your mum is settled enough to actually listen, ask her to go into a more private space for a talk.

When you’re talking to your mum, be calm and try and stay composed. Let her know exactly what your thinking and explain to her how your feeling. Don’t start blaming others or try to down play things. Tell her exactly how it is.  from Ashlea

I don’t know many mums who blame their children when they have been in an argument. Mum’s are human too and we love to feel like we ahem helped you in a time of need. Tell your Mum you need her undivided attention when she has a moment as you have had a rough day and need to chat. When that time arrives, tell her everything. no holding back. Tell her everything you said, everything you did and the result. Most mums are pretty aware of their children’s personality traits and can tell when the story sounds  a little one sided. 

Honesty is the best policy and Mum is there to help you, not to make life harder. Trust your mum and in return she will probably confide in you too.

cheers natalie


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