Book review – The Book Thief

The Book Thief movie was beautiful. It ticked all the criteria. Perfect cast {especially Liesel and Rudy}, loyalty to the book. {a very, very important thing when bringing a book to the big screen} and an amazing location.

I thought the movie was as close to the book the producers could manage in the two hours  and eleven minutes they had to play around with. I think that the characters were portrayed in a way that showed the attention to detail that every viewer wants.

I really enjoyed the movie and was kept engaged the entire time. Despite having read the book, I didn’t feel as though the movie was too predictable or as if reading the book was necessary. The movie was fairly self explanatory so reading the book was not necessary, although I would suggest reading it as the book is amazing.

As a reader, you feel so proud when you watch something that was only words turn into something that the whole world can enjoy on the big screen. When I watched The Book Thief I felt as if a l was watching something is aw grow up become real. Watching Liesel on the screen filled me with such pride as I saw a character that originally existed only in mind become something real.

The Book Thief was expertly filmed. The lines were all well delivered and spoken with such character that you could easily believe it was being portrayed in front of you. I thought that the location and set was chosen beautifully and reflected the actors wonderfully.
Despite all of this, I thought one of the best features of the film was the small bits that were said in German. I thought that it was a genius idea and really showed the time, era and place the movie was set in. I think that it added a nice touch to the movie and would have made all the book to movie viewers proud.

see ya Ashlea


The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak has been adapted to the cinema and the result was wonderful. The Book Thief was a novel I read through my book club a couple of years ago. I instantly fell in love with Liesel and Max. Watching the movie I fell in love all over again. And one of the most amazing and inspiring parts to this story, is the author is Australian ( great for a budding writer like myself).

The Book Thief is set in Germany during the second world war. It is about a young girl Liesel – played beautifully by Sophie Nelisse who is fostered into another family as her own family can no longer look after her. Liesel finds her passion in books, which she steals (or borrows) along the way, learning all she can from the alluring spread of words. Liesel combines her passion of books with a young Jewish boy Max, a forbidden combination, and her love of living with a young German boy Rudy. This story is told in the eyes of death but not once did I fear death, rather had a more sympathetic eye.

Ashlea and I always read a book before we see a movie and I know we both thought it was worth the wait. The movie was true to the book, with each character mimicking my images of the way I saw them. A fabulous movie for all ages, making you feel human spirit and kindness though out. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

cheers natalie


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