Girls ♥ Talk

My daughter loves to wear brand name clothes but I simply can’t always afford to dress her the way she likes. When I say no, she gets angry and tells me it’s not fair. How do I make her understand I am doing my best?

Being fashionable is a very important part of being a teenage girl. Sometimes, we have no money. It happens to everyone so if you explain to your daughter that you simply can’t afford the new dress for the weekend, she will most likely understand. If she doesn’t, take some time to think from her perspective.

Talk to her about whether or not she NEEDS it and even if she says yes, she knows deep down that she really doesn’t. Make a compromise with her. If she really wants the dress try taking her to less pricey places or going on eBay. If the dress is something she wants desperately then she will go along with that idea. Cheers Ashlea

I think open communication is the best way. We all love to buy and wear a new outfit but when there is no money, then there is little that can be done. Maybe you could put your daughter on a savings plan, helping her understand that when you want something you can’t always get it instantly. Sometimes you need to save a little every week and then buy the new item yourself. It will teach her some precious life skills not only how to budget money but sometimes good hinges are worth waiting for. Saving and buying something yourself makes you love the item even more. Cheers Natalie



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