Girls ♥ Talk

Girls ♥ Talk

My daughter is talking to someone online and I’m getting worried because I don’t know the person. What should I do?

Well first off, you need to clear up whether or not SHE knows the person she’s talking to. If she knows the person then, as long as they aren’t someone that is totally inappropriate for a teenage girl to talk to, you shouldn’t worry. Let her have her space online but if you still are not comfortable, talk to her about online safety and making sure she’s being smart. If she is talking to someone who you both know could be a danger, immediately sit her down and talk to her, (not in a condescending way) about the position she may have put herself in and how to be smarter next time. If you are really worried, contact the police. Ashlea

Very scary I know. I love Ashlea’s advice and think clear communication is the first step. We have experienced this situation with a friend and it wasn’t a nice situation. Explain to your daughter that talking to someone online they do not know is like opening the front door of your house to a stranger and letting them inside. Would she do that? I don’t think so. Make her understand that not every person online is telling the truth and she only wants to communicate with those people who will care for her needs – therefore someone she knows and likes.

I give my children freedom online ( well the older 2) but I do spot checks on their accounts. I have told them if they don’t think I will like what they have written, then maybe they shouldn’t be writing it in the first place. Stay open with communication, its essential. A great article from Modern Parent gives fantastic advice on this topic. natalie


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