Girls ♥ Talk

Girls ♥ Talk

My mum doesn’t like my boyfriend? Any tips on how to make them get along?

In the end, who you want to date is ultimately your decision but obviously it is nice to have approval from your parents. Ask yourself this before you accuse her of not liking your boyfriend –  Is it my boyfriend she doesn’t like or is it the idea of me dating? If it’s the latter then you need to discuss how you both feel about dating, make sure you let her know that he is important to you. If it’s your boyfriend, then you need to talk to her about how you feel about him and help her understand that he is important. Ashlea

When children grow up and begin to date, it can be a scary time for everyone. Some parents will always believe no one is good enough for their little girl and maybe this is what your mum thinks. However, sometimes it is because the person you have chosen is not treating you in the way your parents think you should be treated. Look at the relationship from someone else’s point of view to see if you think you are being treated like girlfriend should be treated. If you think you are not being treated with respect, maybe its time to rethink the relationship. If you think you are being treated correctly, talk to Mum, tell her your concerns and why you think she is treating your boyfriend unfairly. Taking relationships slowly, so everyone can adjust to the new situation can help everyone feel at ease. Natalie 


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