Little Miss Brainy and Little Miss Princess

Mum recently found one of her Little Miss books, Little Miss Princess. Finding this book got us thinking about which Little Miss character we would be. Obviously mum is Little Miss Princess but that got me thinking about who I would be. It took me a while to go though all the Little Miss books and pick just one that I think suits my personality.

I think that Little Miss Brainy is me in cartoon form. She is smart and clever and isn’t afraid to let people know. As well as being smart though, she isn’t afraid to be herself and stand out in the crowd. That is where I think I am like Little Miss Brainy. She and I are both individuals and proud to be so.

As I went through the Little Miss and Mr Men character list I realised how, although we show stronger traits than others, we have a little bit of all the Mr Men and Little Miss books inside of us. We are all smart and princess like and nice. We aren’t just one thing, we are made up of lots of little things that make us who we are.

Unlike the books, we are all different and the same in many ways. We all have qualities we wish we didn’t have and those we cherish. We are all special and we are all important. Although I think that I am most like Little Miss Brainy, I know that I am not just that, I am parts of every character.  Ashlea xxx


little miss brainylittle miss princess

As Ashlea stated, I am Little Miss Princess. In fact, my husband purchased the book for a laugh, but when I read the book, I found we both have a lot in common.

Being a Princess, Little Miss Princess has a lot of people doing things for her. I may not have lots of people doing things for me everyday but when I ask for something, I am not often refused. Little Miss Princess is kind and generous and loves to help others all the time. This is what I am like. On the empathy scale, I think I fly off the chart. I hate to see friends and family in need and not being able to help.

Often I over commit when it comes to my time. Even when I have no time available, when someone needs me, I put myself last and devote my time to them. If that makes me a princess then I am proud to be one.

I love Ashlea’s comparison of the Mr Men and Little Miss series about everyone having a mixture traits in each of us. I am Little Miss Chatterbox, Little Miss Giggles, Little Miss Helpful and Mr Happy.

Thanks to my youngest child who has re-introduced the series to my family. Between the six people in my family, I think we cover the entire series.

Cheers natalie


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