The Change

Ashlea wrote this tonight when I gave her a 5 word challenge… What do you think?

Julie sat, noncommittal, at the dinner table with her family. The spaghetti in front of her lay untouched and didn’t appeal to her one bit. Her stomach twisted as she went over the speech she had been preparing for the better part of the morning.
Noticing her mother eyeing off the uneaten food in front of her, Julie forced down one mouthful of food. Trying not to choke on the guilt she could feel building up inside, she swallowed her food and went on to avoiding the eye contact of her family members.
Chelsea, her older sister, was twirling spaghetti on a fork when they made eye contact across the table. Chelsea was the only one Julie had told her plan to. She knew that Chelsea was the only one who would understand why she has to go against her mothers morals.
In her pink tracksuit, Julies mother Fiona was the picturesque mum. She believed in order and nothing less than perfection. Losing a husband and son had toughened her up but had in no way affected her kind heart.
As much as Julie loved and respected her mother, she couldn’t help but blame her for the decision she knew was inevitable for either herself or Chelsea to make. Growing up as a child that was very much involved in the Change had exposed her to a different way of life. Seeing her brother and dad live so happily as part of the Change had given her a positive outlook towards it.
“Well, I’m finished! I’ll do the dishes.” I knew that my willingness to do the dishes I had argued over doing since the day I could hold a plate would make my mother suspicious.
After I had gathered the dishes from the table, I walked into kitchen and set them down in the sink. I turn on the tap and add in some dishwashing soap. I turn around when I hear someone enter the kitchen. I smiled when I saw it was only Chelsea and not my mother as I had feared.
“You’re going to have to face her sooner or later Jules.” She reprimanded me.
“I know Chels, believe you me I know. Can you come talk to her with me?” When she nodded they both headed towards the living room where the sound of the tv alerted them to her location.
The dishes lay forgotten in the sink as the two girls walked out. In the end, Julie knew, dishes that weren’t done would be the least of her issues. With every step she took, her worry grew. Julie took a firm hold of her sisters hand as they entered the living room together.
“Mum, I have something to tell you and I want you to promise not to freak out.” Something in her expression must have been a tad too serious because she started to laugh.
“What? Are you joining the Change?” Fiona then threw her head back laughing to the complete displeasure of her daughter.
When Julie didn’t respond the negative at once, her mum silenced and her features grew concerned.
“Please tell me you aren’t joining the Change!” Her voice had taken on a slightly panicked tone. Julie was sure that she was reliving the days of her late husband and sons days with the Change.
“I uh… did.” Julie only looked her mum in the eye for a moment but it was enough to see the anger that boiled beneath the surface.
“Wha- Why? Why would you do that to me?” Her voice dripped with venom and Julie almost flinched at how angry her own mum sounded at her.
“This was about me, mum, not you. I made the decision on my own for me and only me.” She tried to sound confident in her answer and not make it sound pathetic like she knew it was.
“You know how much I hate the Change so why would you go behind my back and join them?”
“Mum it wasn’t behind your back! I was joining them right under your nose you just didn’t care enough to pay attention!” Julie was mad now. She hated her mother for always making everything about her, especially when she wanted for a second for it to be about herself.
“You’re only eighteen! I am not letting my eighteen year old daughter runaway to join a cause that killed her family!”
“I leave for Hawaii on Wednesday.” She almost whispered this sentence knowing it would break her mums’ heart.
“Well then you are no longer my daughter.” Turning away from her, Fiona focused her attention on anything but her daughter.
Seeing that there was nothing she could say that would tell her mum that she wasn’t purposely trying to hurt her, Julie walked out of the living room and straight out of the house.
“Julie!” she turned and saw Chelsea. “Good luck!” Julie nodded her thanks for her concern and with one last smile, stepped out of the house. Looking around she saw the world the Change was trying to fix. As well as this, Julie saw her brother and father smiling at her as the sun went down.



  1. Wow some pretty sophisticated writing there Ash! Hope it is not based on any real life desire for a Change! A little bit longer too than what my boys served me up when we did a 5 word challenge. I think they actually tried to put all 5 words in one sentence and be done with it! X

    • Thanks Martine! Don’t worry, no desire for a real change here I just love writing about things like that! That’s exactly what jack did when he was listening to mum give me the words, it wasn’t quite as sophisticated haha. Cheers, Ashlea

  2. Gabrielle PECK says:

    I think Ash is a genius. That is excellent. I would have written:

    Julie didn’t like the pink spaghetti that tasted like soap so she packaged it up and sent it express post to Hawaii. LMAO

    Lucky she gets her talents from you and not me.

  3. Very talented young lady!! So change ha? Well done x

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