Family are the friends…

Family are the friends…



Girls ♥ Talk

Girls ♥ Talk

At what age is it appropriate to send my daughter to a concert on her own?

This is a tough question because there are so many circumstances surrounding it. Firstly, who is she going with? If you think the group of kids she is going with are responsible, then I think it goes along way to having a fun and enjoyable night. My concern then turns to how they are getting to and from the concert. Recently Ashlea was invited to see 5 seconds of summer with friends, She was so excited and I was too. It was to be her first real concert. When we talked about how they were getting to and from, I found out the other girls were catching public transport both ways (and this is at night). Unfortunately I was going out and was no available to help in the transportation. No way was my response. I wouldn’t catch public transport late at night without my husband or with a group of ADULTS. The concert itself may not be the issue. Find out all the details before committing. Natalie

The other day I was asked to go see one of my favourite bands in concert ( 5 Seconds of Summer) but decided not to go as I couldn’t catch public transport at night. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to see them but the dangers involved in catching the train at night are too big over people who will come back in a few months. I think that there really isn’t an age restriction, obviously don’t send your three-year old daughter out alone but once your daughter becomes a teenager, trust her to do her own thing. Take into account how responsible she has proved to be and her safety of the night/day. Ashlea

Beauty is what you see under the surface… look deeper and you maybe surprised.

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Divergent – The movie

The other day, mum and I went to the cinemas and saw Divergent. As we were both huge fans of the books, we couldn’t wait for the movie to hit the big screens so we can watch the words we have fallen in love with take over the world. I think it is safe to say, mum and I both loved the movie and are desperate to see it again.

For me, my favourite part of the whole movie was the cast. It was done so well in comparison to the book and I thought they couldn’t have chosen anyone better. Shailene Woodley starred as Tris Prior and I think that she was a perfect choice. Theo James (Four), Ansel Elgort (Caleb Prior) and Miles Teller (Peter) all starred in male leads in the film and I think they portrayed their characters perfectly.

The loyalty to the book was pretty on par for a book to movie transition. It wasn’t as full on as the book is but still had a certain charm that the book contained. The movie had quotes from the book and didn’t create entirely new scenes. Fans of the book trilogy by Veronica Roth will not be disappointed by the movie.

However, this movie isn’t just a hit amongst the book fans, it is a hit amongst everyone. The movie hit the box office hard making millions the day it came out in America. Lions gate has already confirmed three more movies in the trilogy, Insurgent in 2015 and Allegiant part one and two in 2016 and 2017. Reviews have been very positive about the movie so I would definitely  suggest going to watch it, whether you have read the book or not.


I loved the movie Divergent and not only because I am a fan of the book but because it is a style of genre I get excited about. As Ash mentioned, the movie is true to the book, more so than other movies we have seen. However, I think I may be a little bias in my memory as I wanted the two to be identical. I have read mixed reviews about this movie.

The story is based around Tris Prior, a young girl who finds out she is a divergent and needs to learn to handle her unique status. She meets and falls in love with Four, played by Theo James and together they fight to win freedom for themselves and others living in their community.

It is an action packed adventure storyline and will keep you glued to the screen through out. The physical violence between young men and women is a little hard to watch at times but that is partly the basis of the story.

A highly recommend movie from Ash and myself.

cheers natalie

Do you like the cold weather?

Do you like the cold weather?

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I have many of these…

I have many of these…


Being a Gracious Loser…

Being a Gracious Loser….

Being a Gracious Loser…

I know that everyone loves winning and the people who love losing are people who don’t actually exist. Competition is a part of everyday life and there is always a winner and a loser. In real life no one comes a draw and there are always people who end up on top. As much as we’d like to think otherwise, we can’t always be the winner and sometimes, we have to know when to be a gracious loser.

 Being a gracious loser doesn’t just mean shaking hands at the end of a sports match or congratulating someone on something they achieved but you didn’t, it’s about holding it together yourself. The firsts step of being someone who is not considered a ‘sore loser’ is first off, taking a step back from the situation and contemplate whether or not it is worth getting emotional and teary eyed over.

 Sometimes things in the moment seem worse than they would the next day. Loosing your grand final might seem like the end of the world after the game end but when you wake up the next morning, it usually doesn’t feel so bad anymore. When you miss out on a promotion at work, it may seem as if your career is over but if you take a step back you would see that you maybe overreacting.

 As well as taking a step back, I find it helpful to step into the shoes of the winners. If you had won the game or received the promotion and someone was moping around you and being nasty, it would most likely make you feel guilty. Is it really fair of you to bring someone down after they achieved their goals just because you aren’t happy? Thoughts like these can really make you appreciate the fact that you can learn just as much from losing as you can from winning, if not more.

cheers Ashlea xxx

gracious loser

Once again, well said Ashlea. Losing in any aspect in life is a difficult concept. No one wants to be the loser but unfortunately someone has to come first and someone has to come last. Being able to handle the loss in a mature and rewarding way while learning from the experience can only make you a better person.

It is easy to blame the umpire or the referee or the opposition for cheating. But that will not change the fact that when the siren goes and the game is over, one team wins and one team loses.

  • Being a gracious loser is acknowledging that ON THE DAY, the other team performed better.
  • Being a gracious loser is acknowledging that ON THE DAY maybe your performance wasn’t as good as the other team and therefore they won.
  • Being a gracious loser is acknowledging that ON THE DAY you gave it your best but unfortunately your best just wasn’t good enough.

Nerves can play a major role when is comes to grand finals or final performances. Some people handle nerves better than others. There is nothing wrong with being nervous and each time you experience nerves, you learn how to handle it better and better until the nerves no longer control you. I think it is important for children to understand the concepts of winning and losing and its essential to experience it. Having a scoreboard, a ladder and an overall winner gives children something to strive for. If they do not reach their goal in one season, try again and work harder and eventually your goals become reachable.

cheers natalie

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