Being a Gracious Loser…

I know that everyone loves winning and the people who love losing are people who don’t actually exist. Competition is a part of everyday life and there is always a winner and a loser. In real life no one comes a draw and there are always people who end up on top. As much as we’d like to think otherwise, we can’t always be the winner and sometimes, we have to know when to be a gracious loser.

 Being a gracious loser doesn’t just mean shaking hands at the end of a sports match or congratulating someone on something they achieved but you didn’t, it’s about holding it together yourself. The firsts step of being someone who is not considered a ‘sore loser’ is first off, taking a step back from the situation and contemplate whether or not it is worth getting emotional and teary eyed over.

 Sometimes things in the moment seem worse than they would the next day. Loosing your grand final might seem like the end of the world after the game end but when you wake up the next morning, it usually doesn’t feel so bad anymore. When you miss out on a promotion at work, it may seem as if your career is over but if you take a step back you would see that you maybe overreacting.

 As well as taking a step back, I find it helpful to step into the shoes of the winners. If you had won the game or received the promotion and someone was moping around you and being nasty, it would most likely make you feel guilty. Is it really fair of you to bring someone down after they achieved their goals just because you aren’t happy? Thoughts like these can really make you appreciate the fact that you can learn just as much from losing as you can from winning, if not more.

cheers Ashlea xxx

gracious loser

Once again, well said Ashlea. Losing in any aspect in life is a difficult concept. No one wants to be the loser but unfortunately someone has to come first and someone has to come last. Being able to handle the loss in a mature and rewarding way while learning from the experience can only make you a better person.

It is easy to blame the umpire or the referee or the opposition for cheating. But that will not change the fact that when the siren goes and the game is over, one team wins and one team loses.

  • Being a gracious loser is acknowledging that ON THE DAY, the other team performed better.
  • Being a gracious loser is acknowledging that ON THE DAY maybe your performance wasn’t as good as the other team and therefore they won.
  • Being a gracious loser is acknowledging that ON THE DAY you gave it your best but unfortunately your best just wasn’t good enough.

Nerves can play a major role when is comes to grand finals or final performances. Some people handle nerves better than others. There is nothing wrong with being nervous and each time you experience nerves, you learn how to handle it better and better until the nerves no longer control you. I think it is important for children to understand the concepts of winning and losing and its essential to experience it. Having a scoreboard, a ladder and an overall winner gives children something to strive for. If they do not reach their goal in one season, try again and work harder and eventually your goals become reachable.

cheers natalie



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