Who wants to be a celebrity?

As someone who has grown up admiring celebrities, I hate to admit that the idea of being famous has gotten less and less appealing over the years. The only way to explain this feeling is to blame the exact celebrities I used to admire. It seems to me that being famous or well known also meant that you had to turn into someone you’re not.

I am someone who appreciates my brain and hates the idea of ruining even a single cell. Taking drugs and smoking are things that have always disgusted me so I don’t think that I personally would become completely different if I became famous. However it is apparent to me that people in positions of inspiration and power don’t think the same way.

Famous actors, athletes, politicians and many other types of people, abuse the positions they have been given. I am in no way saying that every single famous person, in fact more often than not celebrities are very inspiring, is a bad example but there are enough to make it a serious issue.

The most famous people in our society at the moment, are people who make the news. In many situations they don’t make the news for positive reasons. There are people in the news for racism, drug use and breaking the law.  There are people who are famous for being rich being racist. There are people who became too famous too young who are abusing the law and themselves.

I feel as if people are getting too much credit for doing nothing and it goes to their head. It goes without saying that there are some good people out there that deserve attention. There are also the people who become celebrities then abuse it and become bad examples. Obviously, the responsibility is huge but it is something they decided on themselves and need to remember there are people out there who admire them and will follow their lead, good or bad.   

See ya Ash xxx

Almost daily there is a news article about a celebrity going off the rails. Most people would love to have even a little bit of what celebrities have – whether it be their fame, their money, their popularity or their status in the community. Too often society put these people on a pedal stool and when they fall off, we turn on them like vultures.

Recently it has been the Australian swimmers in the news. We have had many of our most famous swimmers falling off the rails for a variety of reasons. Is it that we put too much pressure on our athletes? Or is it they put themselves above society and need to be pulled down a peg or 2?

Then there is the celebrities in the music world, especially young musicians who earn too much money too quickly and have no idea how to handle themselves. They need the guidance of good parents (or guardians) to ease their way into a world where is it not real.

As a mother, I do not want my children to become famous, simply because I want them to spend their life grounded. I know I have no control over this, it is a little wish I have. As a child, of course I wanted to famous (can’t remember what for though) as it appeared they lived the ultimate lifestyle.

Drugs, alcohol abuse and depression are rapid in the celebrity world. So I say NO to wanting to be a celebrity. I would rather be successful in my career as a writer, quietly in my own corner with my beautiful family surrounding me. cheers Natalie


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