100th BLOG

So between the pair of us, mum and I have officially written 100 posts on our blog – Our Parallel Connection. It has been really enjoyable and interesting to write with mum and look at how similar or different our ideas can be. I love writing about different topics as it has taught me many things about my own thoughts and ideas. I know have developed as a writer whilst working on this blog and I know that mum has as well.

I think working on this blog with mum has brought us closer and now I know even more about how she thinks and writes. I feel more confident as a writer and ready to take on greater writing challenges (which we are looking into as I write). I love writing with mum and love writing for everyone who reads our blog. Ask your friends to join our blog, just for fun. It’s hard to describe the confidence I’ve gained over the past 100 posts and I think I speak on behalf of mum and myself when I say that we can’t wait to write 100 more.

I would like to thank everyone for their continual support for Our Parallel Connection.  I personally can’t wait to pursue even more interesting topics and ideas. I love writing about things that are going on in my life and comparing it to what mum has to say and I hope everyone else does as well. see ya Ash xxx

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It is amazing how time goes by so quickly. Ashlea and I began this journey in November last year, purely out of the joy we both have for writing. The past 6 months have been wonderful and I have enjoyed spending that extra little bit of time with my teenage daughter. A mother daughter relationship is precious but can get a little strained or tense at times. This blog helps keep our relationship on track.

Over the past 100 posts, my favourite part is reading what Ash has to say on the topic chosen. Sometimes we discuss topics, while other times we tell each other what we would like to write about. It works both ways. I am lucky as I get to delve into my daughters mind, hearing what her true thoughts are on topics most parents would never discuss. It is a privilege to have this wonderful opportunity and I would like to thank Ashlea for jumping on board with me and putting all her heart and soul into every post. I love you Ash….


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