Positive Sports Parents

Being sporty is important. I think that every single person should do at least one sport once in their life. Obviously some people physically can’t, that’s completely different but for everyone else, I think that sports are amazing. Whether you’re into ball sports, athletics or extremes sports, being active is so important. You might not be good at them but the benefits of playing a sport definitely outweigh the negatives.

Personally, I think that there is nothing better than team sports. I struggle more when I do solo sports like running but when I play basketball or netball, I love it. I love that something which keeps you fit and healthy is also a social opportunity. However, I know that hand-eye coordination isn’t everyone’s high point but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do sports. Sports and exercise are unanimous, you can’t do exercise without doing a sport.

I also believe it is even more important for kids and teenagers to do sports. As we’re growing and changing, we need to feed our body with exercise and I think the best way for that to be achieved is through sports. There are so many different sports available to every single person. Sports aren’t limited to certain genders anymore so no matter the sport, you’ll be able to do it. As well as the physical side of things, sports are great for promoting confidence and team work.

I play two sports, netball and basketball, and I do PE twice a week. I personally think that I am quite sporty and I actually love to exercise. The more exercise you do doesn’t necessarily mean the healthier you are but it is a massive factor in keeping healthy. People around my age should understand the importance of keeping fit and staying healthy.  see ya Ash xxx


I remember my Mum saying to me when I began having children, ‘It’s important that they are busy with sports as they will hang around with like-minded children and parents’. I have never forgotten this. I grew up playing basketball, tennis and swimming. I never excelled at any sports but I could always hold my own. Plus, if there was any chance a boy might be watching me, then I tried a little harder to impress.

My children play a variety of sports from basketball, netball, football and dancing. I love to watch them play and cheer a little too proudly from the sidelines on many occasions. Most of my cheering is positive but occasionally a few words will slip from my mouth which could be perceived as ‘unproductive’. (Do you like the way I am explaining my bad behaviour?) I am not saying anything about other children playing the sport, always to my own children. But I have commented on the umpiring or refereeing when I feel the event was unfair.

It wasn’t until my youngest child said something to me at a basketball game about the umpiring did I realise he was simply parroting me. It sounded awful. I sounded awful. So now I make a distinct effort never to comment on the umpiring or coaching or refereeing of a game, especially in front of the children. It only develops into bad sportsmanship.

My husband coaches football and he has told his team they are not to comment on the umpiring at the quarter breaks as the decision has been made and will not be reversed.

I will always have my children’s back if the sport gets out of hand. This have never happened but in the event it does, I will come out fighting for them. As long as they have played fairly and honestly. cheers natalie


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