Who cleans in your house?

Cleaning the house for my family of 6 (Hubby, 2 teenage girls and 2 younger boys) always begins with an argument. My attitude is ‘I am not the only one who lives in this house, so we all clean it.’

I am not a clean freak (I have friends who definitely fall under this category), but I do like a tidy house. We only clean it once a week and with 6 in the house, it should take us no longer than 30 minutes if everyone pitches in (I am often still cleaning an hour later).

Ashlea just sighs and gets on with her allocated cleaning job. She is smart enough to know that no matter what she says, it will fall on deaf ears.

My second daughter (unhappily, mumbling under her breath) begins and completes her task, a smile never entering her face. Even though cleaning the house is a weekly ritual, she still appears shocked when I announce it is time to clean.

My eldest son tries to persuade me every week to do the work later (only later never comes), to which I ignore his request and tell him to put his earphones in, listen to his music and begin vacuuming the floor.

Whilst my youngest child (a very lazy but cute boy), fluffs around, avoiding the work with every trick in the book – toilet stops or drink breaks or cuddling the dog. Even when he does FINALLY complete his task, it looks no different to when he began.

My husband hates house cleaning (whilst I obviously LOVE it) as he often seems to get out of the weekly ritual. Yes he will mow the lawns (typical male role) and take out the bins (another typical male job). However, when it comes to vacuuming and mopping floors or cleaning toilets (I am certain we all use this one, some are a lot messier than others – BOYS), he will do everything in his power to avoid it.

Eventually when the work is complete, and the house is sparkling, I am happy and the kids feel a little sense of pride at their achievement. Or maybe the kids are just relieved they have another week before we go through the same arguments and the same routine….

cheers natalie



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