Who is 5 Seconds of Summer?

5 Seconds of Summer (or 5sos as the fangirls love to call them) are an Australian band made up of Calum Hood, Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin. Calum plays bass guitar and vocals, Michael plays guitar and does backing vocals, Ashton plays the drums and backing vocals and Luke is lead singer and a guitarist. Their main genres of music are punk, rock and pop. They are from Sydney and they are basically amazing.

5sos is easily my favourite band and not just because they are all incredibly cute and the fact that they produce awesome music but because they seem like such a real group of boys who are only doing what they love and nothing less. Unlike a lot of boy bands these days, they weren’t formed for the purpose of being famous, they are best friends who originally started with a YouTube account and a guitar.
Some of their singles that have made it onto the radio are ‘She Looks So Perfect’, ‘Don’t Stop’ and ‘Good Girls’. Although these are their most successful songs, their latest album which hasn’t even been released a week is wildly popular all over the world. My personal favourite song from the album is ‘English Love Affair’ which, in mums opinion, has an “eighties influence”. I think that all their songs are fun and the perfect songs to make you feel better.

As I’m writing this, I am listening to their album for like the ninetieth time and I can not think of a single reason why I wouldn’t love their music. They have everything going for them – looks, personality and talent. 5 Seconds of Summer are just the perfect all rounders that have captured the hearts of teenage girls from all over the world, including me and majority of my friends. As well as being the real deal (talent wise) they are also Australian which adds appeal to Australian fans as we want nothing more than to see Australian boys succeed.










5SOS, what a cool name. I must admit I really like them. Their first single – She looks so perfect has a catchy tune and great to run around the house dancing to. When Ash showed me the film clip I liked them even more as they looked like lads – a group of boys just having a laugh. Oh, and they are pretty cute too. I have heard a few of their other songs and so far I am a fan.

Facts that I know (I am sure Ash will correct me if I am wrong) – The boys are Australian, the boys were already a band performing their music in YouTube. The boys have backed up 1D. The boys not only can sing but can dance (and 1D admit they can’t dance like these guys). Last thing, yep… the boys are cute.

Cheers Natalie




  1. Haha, funny I was watching a documentary on these lads the other night too and feel they are pretty grounded considering the massive attention that comes there way. What saddens me is what could become of these young boys if not guided by responsible people. Good on them for following there dreams. I don’t mind their tunes either 🙂

    • Yeah I watched the documentory on A Current Affair the other night to. They are extremely grounded considering their big break came about with One Direction, one of the biggest bands ever! The boys are so genuine and always have ben. If you looked up their past videos, songs, tweets, everything, you would see that they are just like the every day boys. Its awesome that you love their songs because, as someone who has been a fan for ages, it is really good that they are getting positive attention. – Ash

  2. Thanks Luca, I will look into it.

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