Are my children too judgmental?

1496447_10152149039712323_1845298728_oI don’t think I am a helicopter parent as I try to let my children make their own decisions on many aspects of their lives. I always let them know that I have their back but like to push them a little to challenge themselves.

One lesson I have taught my children is you can do anything in life you wish, as long as you do everything in moderation. By this I mean, if you feel like eating chocolate, go for it, as long as it is in moderation. This applies to all aspects of life – food, drinks, exercise, homework, socialising and resting. If your body and mind get a little of everything, then you will never miss out, but not too much of anything, then it remains healthy and happy.

Recently I was out at the shops with Ashlea and child No.4 and I bought them lunch. ‘Healthy lunch’, I suggested as they searched for what to eat. Sushi and Subway were their choices, which secretly put a smile of my face. Both wanted a frozen drink to accompany their meals, so I happily agreed to one from Hungry Jacks. What astounded me was Ashlea’s comment when she returned to the table with her drink.

“Mum, it’s very off putting when you go to a place like Hungry Jacks and the manager is overweight. It makes you realise just how bad the food is for you.”

Have I turned my children into judgemental people? Yes, we talk about having everything in moderation as there is usually a consequence if you over indulge (like gaining weight). And yes we talk about the consequences of over eating, over exercising, over studying  and over doing anything in life. I love the fact that this lesson has been accepted by them and thought about. However, it never occurred to me that my children would begin judging others. There may be many reasons why this manager was over weight (one being what they eat) but there maybe other reasons for the weight issue.

Have you ever had a life lesson backfire on you?

cheers natalie


Am I too judgmental? Maybe. Personally, I just think I am highly opinionated, but to others, I may seem a tad too judgemental. I struggle to look at some people and not think ‘How?’ because I have been raised with the mantra “everything in moderation” and sometimes, I forget that not everyone has had the same upbringing as me. As much as I don’t want to go around judging people, I can’t help but compare myself to people who have clearly ignored the ‘moderation’ rule.

cheers Ashlea xxx


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