If you had 3 wishes to create the perfect day, what would you choose?


So obviously, in an ideal world I would automatically answer; fly overseas, win a lot of money and basically get everything I want. Unfortunately, the world is not a wish granting factory ( The Fault In Our Stars quote hehe) and I must choose three things I would do for my perfect, but realistic, day.

First I think I would read. I absolutely adore reading and I could easily spend a whole day just reading whatever is available to me. I would probably just head over to my local library and read every book that I’ve been meaning to read for a while.

Secondly I would write. I have all these ideas running through my head all the time but I never seem to have the time to sit down and write them out. If I had a whole day available for me to do whatever, writing would definitely be one of the things I would choose to do.

Lastly, I would sleep. As a teenager, I cannot get enough sleep and a day doesn’t usually start off well unless I have slept half the day away. Obviously, if I had a whole day to spend on myself, I wouldn’t waste half of it sleeping but having the choice to sleep as late as I want is a luxury I only really get on school holidays.

See ya Ash xxx

I often dream of having a day like this, where I can pick whatever I like and over indulge in my dream hobbies. Instead, I try to take some time out from most days and indulge in a little of the following activities:

If I could pick my perfect day I would devote time to my writing. This has been a passion of mine for over 12 years but unfortunately it is not something I can simply switch on when I have a spare half hour. Writers block often comes into play and opening up my mind at a specific time can be a challenge.

Another love is my friends. There is nothing more enjoyable than sitting with people you care about and catching up over a coffee (in the morning) or a wine (in the afternoon). I often hear people say ‘there is not enough hours in a day’ to do everything so the time given to me would be spent indulging in laughter and gossip.

Finally, when the day is running at a pace that exhausts me, sitting down with a good book is guaranteed to put a smile on my face. Letting my mind merge into another world, feeling the characters and dreaming of being a published author myself one day would make the day perfect.

When Ashlea and I write our blogs, we do not read what the other person writes until it comes together. It is amazing how we picked two identical activities. No wonder we get along so well.

cheers natalie



  1. Pauline Bourn says:

    Both great replies and yes very similar

    • I would also love to fly overseas, win lots of money and do everything I want too… Just another thing in common (we could be psychic).. Somehow I think there are lots of people who also want this too.

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