Robin Williams – died aged only 63 years

robin-williamsA well loved comedian, father to 3 children, died yesterday under suspicious circumstances. Mental health is an important issue all over the world; talking about it and sharing stories can only make this voodoo topic an accepted part of life.



  1. Pete With Feet says:

    63 years young is too early to depart this planet no matter who it is. Personally I will miss Robin Williams zany humour who as a comedian had few contemporary peers.
    Mental health issues abound with many in this life (and such issues are all over) and my personal plee is to keep your eye out for slight changes in your friends and family behaviour because depression abounds and your recognising vital signs, and bringing and advising changed patterns of behaviour to appropriate experienced professionals in the field, could open up health and remedial avenues and save great individual trauma and perhaps a life.
    Believe me, mental health is a serious growing problem in our society.
    Pete With Feet.

    • Well said Pete. We are talking more about mental illness yet it is still a taboo subject for so many. Is it a sign of weakness in their eyes? I think maybe Ash and I need to explore this topic more.

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