Definitely not an iPhone…

c0cc932cb88c17a2fa38add04ee77381What a cool phone. I think I might install one of these in my house and take the kids iPhones away. Maybe then they might understand how easy they have it.




  1. I want one of these!!! Is pink your favourite colour!!! 😉

  2. Pete With Feet says:

    Try getting your kids to believe this.
    A short 50 years ago we had a wall phone half the size of the pink one featured which had a handle on the side which we had to wind three times to get an operator who would ask who did you want to be phone connected to. Then she would hopefully connect you. It was called being on a party line system and was in place for many many years, especially in rural communities before the advent of a automatic telephone exchange. The system was often busy and if you got through on a line it was generally just your lucky day. 000 emergency line concept simply did not exist.
    Predictably, the telephone operator became the towns gossip guru as she could, and did, listen into everybody’s phone calls, to combat boredom? and knew the most intimate of details of peoples lives- which she passed on, in confidence of course – haha. This system was the original ” face book” without photos.

    Pete With Feet

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