Is getting ‘likes’ really that important?


Having lots of followers on Instagram may seem like one of the most important things in the world to some people, but to others it’s something that they just don’t care about. I can say that for me, at times, getting lots of likes on a picture on Instagram is important, but at other times it isn’t. If you took a look at my Instagram page you would see that I don’t post that much or that often and I don’t have a huge amount of followers. I am not really concerned with how many likes a selfie gets because frankly, it’s not the biggest issue in my life.

However, for some people it is. I know that as a teenager, some people need reassurance from other people to know that they are beautiful. There are many girls out there who won’t feel comfortable in their own skin unless they are constantly getting compliments and likes. For some people, this isn’t an issue because they have self-confidence, but for others, it takes more than reassurance from themselves to think they are fine. Instagram is one way for self conscious people to be told that they are beautiful, it’s actually kind of sad.

Personally, I think Instagram is spilt into three categories; the ones who don’t care, the ones who care too much and the ones who seek fame. People who are desperate for likes and nice comments fall under the ‘care too much’ category. People who don’t really care and just post whatever they want without stressing over how many likes or followers they have fallen under the ‘don’t care’ category. And the people who only care about having the most followers or likes strictly so they can brag about their own popularity fall under the category ‘seeking fame.’

I think that Instagram is fun but there are way too many people online who are so self-absorbed they can’t see anything beyond follower count and like tally. It’s so frustrating looking at people’s accounts and seeing a super high follower count but a low amount of likes (it shows that a lot of the followers are ‘fake’). Instagram is a hub for people who are self conscious to feel better about themselves based entirely on what other people have to say. I have nothing against people saying nice things, but I do have something against the people who spend their whole life fishing for compliments.


I use Instagram along with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. My preference is probably Facebook and I have found my age group uses it more than Ashlea’s. I have noticed her age group are drawn to Instagram, an app that is designed to post pictures, requesting comments and likes. On Facebook the user mainly chooses their own name (often adding in maiden names for searching old school friends) and it is clear who the owner of the account is. If you have set the security correct on Facebook, then only your friends or friends of friends can see your pictures and people wanting to join your friends list can only see your profile picture.

Instagram users tend to pick names which maybe be funny or quirky or slang and often hard to decipher who actually holds the account. This concerns me for the reason that gaining the greatest number of followers and then likes is what many teenagers seem to strive for on Instagram. Why you ask? I can only put it down to a lack of self-esteem and a desperate desire to show their friends (and complete strangers) just how popular you are. I wonder if teenagers understand how surreal this way of living is? People are not liking YOU, they are tapping their finger on a screen in response to a picture.

There are websites devoted to teaching others how they can get more likes on their Instagram pictures and how to get more followers. Spamming lb (like back) is one way which helps in growing the account but for what reason I do not understand.

I have recently looked a few of my children’s friends (and Instagram friends of mine) accounts and am shocked by the number of them who have over 400 followers. There is no way they know 400 people and no way they could name each and every account holder. I can’t believe parents never look at their kids accounts and ask a few simple questions – e.g. Who is this person? What is going on with the child to be so desperate to need constant recognition for just being themselves. While looking at some of the followers on one friends account, I read the user name and my parenting instincts came to play. It was a boys first name_second name_76. I then looked into this persons account and there was not one picture where I could clearly see his face. If I was the parent, I would be asking a lot of questions.

Come on kids, lets love being just who you are and enjoy socialising with YOUR FRIENDS online, not people you don’t know their real intentions.

Do you check your children’s Instagram accounts?

cheers natalie



  1. Interesting points made!! And can see both sides. My children are too young to be on it so no need to worry as yet but for me it’s just another way to communicate and interact and like Facebook, Twitter etc parents need to be aware of the behaviour of their chdren on these forums regardless. I like peeps posts if it makes me laugh or think that the quote is what I value as a person or simply to support those who have businesses and are attached to Instagram. There are a lot of self absorbed people that are seeking reassurance but it’s the followers & likers that control that persons ego too. 😃

    • I love the points you made Dotti about liking peoples posts that make you laugh or are supporting a business. Both hold strong with me also. As a parent, it is smart to know what is out there in regards to apps and how they work as time goes by so quickly, and before you know it, they will know more than you. There are many days where I feel some of my children are running too far ahead of me and I need to sprint to catch up. It’s exhausting.

  2. Great advice 😃

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