Changing of the season

My favourite things about each season:

Spring –
1. I love the greater daylight hours, allowing for walks in the morning with girlfriends, outdoor basketball games in the afternoon with the games and feeling the day is longer so more is achieved.
2. I love the smell of spring, with flowers blooming and nature showing her best assets.
3. I love crisp mornings, warm afternoons and crisp evenings.

Summer –
1. I love the feeling of the sun penetrating my skin, warming me up from the outside, all the while sitting outdoors eating light foods with the family.
2. One of my favourite places to relax is the beach. Feeling the sand between my toes, while sun baking with a book in hand is my idea of heaven.
3. With the warm weather comes beautiful summer dresses. There is nothing nicer on your skin than a beautiful, light summer frock, accompanied by a glass of chilled wine, laughing with friends.

Autumn –
1. The trees become green again, ready to drop their leaves but showing us just how pretty nature can be.
2. Getting my ugg boots out once again.
3. Sitting home with my husband having a glass or two of red wine.

Winter –
1. Winter fashion is more stylish than any other season, with tailored pants and skirts, finished off with beautiful winter coats, making me feel grown up.
2. Eating curries and casseroles at night with the family talking about our day.
3. Not having to worry about showing off my body as winter clothes can hide a lot, maybe making me too comfortable.

What do you like about each season?

Natalie xxxxx

Everyone has a favourite season and mine is definitely summer. I also love autumn and spring. I’m sure if I thought hard enough I could come up with one reason as to why winter is good but it would take me a while. Anyway, for this blog mum and I are going to list three reasons as to why we love each season as we are about to enter a new one.

First off is summer. Summer is easy because it’s hard to find something I don’t like. I love the sun, going to the beach, Christmas, not going to school and being able to relax a lot more. I am one of those people that absolutely loves every part of summer. I don’t have an issue with the heat, in fact I live for it. Off the top of my head, the only problem I have with summer is mosquitoes.

Next is autumn. Autumn is still warm which means I still like it a lot (in case it’s not obvious I love the warm). I also love that my birthday falls inside autumn giving me something exciting to look forward to throughout the entire season. I really like how even though it’s near winter, the first half of autumn is generally quite hot.

After autumn comes my least favourite season, winter. Frankly, there isn’t much to like about winter. I don’t live in a spot where we get snow, which would boost my enthusiasm about the season because snow can be fun. I hate the rain and I hate the cold. I hate how I get sick and I hate my schools winter uniform. There really isn’t anything to like except being able to wear cute winter clothes.

Finally there is spring, the season we are about to enter. I love how the flowers come back into bloom and give back colour after a dreary winter. I love how the weather starts to heat up which never fails to make me happy. My favourite part of spring however, is knowing the fact that winter is over. I only dislike the beginning of spring when the weather is still cold.





  1. I’m very much like you guys.

    Winter is red wine in front of the fire watching football and curled up with a magazine!!

    Spring is welcomed with open arms with garden and flowers blooming, and everyday it’s closer to getting out of the winter clothes that by now we are sick of being in!! I get busy with work 😃 yay!

    Summer, smell of BBQ, drinks, and long days at beach, caravan parks and feeling good in general.

    Autum is really pretty. Days can be ok but nights and early mornings are chilly, which I find invigorating ☺️

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