Journey to Self…

SONY DSCIn the busy lifestyle many people lead, it is difficult to find anytime for yourself. I recently attended a seminar for women in business and was pleasantly surprised by what I learned.

I thought I was going to gain the secret code to running a successful business, and in many ways I suppose that is what I learnt. However, the secret code wasn’t a mathematical formula that I simply had to apply and instantly my business would triple in profits. The secret code was me. I had to indulge myself on spending quality time reflecting on my last, my present and my future, visualising what I saw.

PAST – I learnt that from a little girl, I have always tried to make other happy. I would change who I was to mirror the people around me. If those around were unhappy, I would blame myself, often punishing myself for not being the person they thought I should be.

PRESENT – My chosen career reflects the woman I have always been. I make beautiful books for families who have lost loved ones, cherishing those memories ( I am still trying to make people happy at their saddest hour.

FUTURE – I can see my wonderful family laughing as we venture on another family holiday. I can see the success of my business, feeling a sense of achievement that I am making a difference in people’s lives. I AM HAPPY.

By indulging in myself, I have not only altered my path but those around me that I care deeply about. When have you taken time to improve yourself?

cheers natalie

The most self-indulgent thing that I think I do is read. I love reading and I always have and it it’s one of things I do just for me and not for anyone else. I also love to write and by write, I do mean write things other than blog posts. I love writing about anything that comes to mind but usually gory or depressing stories (mum says they are my speciality).

As well as reading and writing, I love to listen to music. I am one of those people who desperately fails at anything to do with music, except for listening to it. I love the way I can lose myself in the lyrics. I also love being able to distract myself from anything that’s going on in the world.

When it comes to my body, I love playing sports. Whether it’s playing in my team for netball and basketball, or a lesson of PE at school, I absolutely love it. I do quite a lot of exercise and love how energised it makes me feel. As much as I have to do PE and I am committed to my sporting teams, I play these sports because I enjoy them and want to do them for me.

Something I wish I would do for myself is running. I am not a very good runner but I wish I was. Every time I decide to start getting fitter and going for more runs, I find an excuse or some reason why I can’t do it that night. If I could do one more thing for myself it would be running because after I go for a run, I usually feel really good about myself.




  1. Pete With Feet says:

    Funny but for the first time there appeared to me a very distinct gap between your two recent blogs. This is not by any means a bad thing but one basically simply influenced by your age difference and therefore life experienced to date.
    Nats good space she is in is a direct result of attitude, compassion, empathy and good old fashioned involvement. You generally see good in people and hitch on to the positivity star with negativity not easy to condone or accept. You are here for a good time (and do) with a great encompassing involvement in all things family that nourishes sustains and drives you.. This is your inner wellbeing. You also understand very well this life equation.

    Ash, two things.
    One; reading nourishes you and sets you up in life – believe me. You will be staggered just how much reading will play a part in your going forward in life. Readers kick goals. Furthermore the fact that you love reading so much is a fantastic bonus for your soul. Money cannot and will not buy this feeling.

    Secondly; it’s better to run for runs sake than not attempt running given you are not so good at it. Running is good for the soul, it can be solitary and be conducted in a space specially created for you and you alone.Sometimes it’s like being in a trance, peaceful, meaningful and choc full of future promise, romantic and otherwise.. Finishing a run, generally not simply around the block, often can place you on a real adrenalin high which takes sometime to come down from. It’s your high to savour as its special for you and you alone to savour. Enjoy.

    My point is that there is, in my view, a correlation between reading and running.
    Is this analogy a little obscure? – lets know.

    Pete with Feet

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