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Dealing with a child’s grief


I recently attended a funeral where the deceased was only young, 40 years old, and left behind two beautiful young children. He was a single man and had full custody of the children. His family has rallied around, trying to make this very unnatural (I mean the fact a child is parentless at 8 & 9 years old), not the norm and extremely unfair.

I began thinking about my own children and how they would cope in such a horrible circumstance. Teaching resilience is one thing but actually having to put all that you have learned into action is another story. After a little research I came up with 5 ways to teach your child how to cope in circumstances when it seems everything is falling apart.

  1. Allow the child to feel whatever emotion they need to. Many will feel angry at the world for the card they have been dealt. Some will feel guilty that they should have done more. Some will feel guilty when they are feeling happy instead of sad. Everyone copes with tragedy in different ways and so do their emotions.

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If I stay – movie review


If I Stay was a really touching movie. Since I’m a teenage girl I found myself really emotionally invested in the characters. I fell in love with Adam as Mia did. I cried, multiple times, all throughout the movie. As a real “sook” (as mum likes to refer to me) I always seem to find myself crying over any sort of hard-hitting emotional scene.

Since I am a real nerd, I did my research. I have loved Chloe Moretz for ages and my love for her has been reaffirmed in If I stay. She was a real standout and perfectly captured Mia’s character. Although Mia was the main character, I think the casting overall was great. Jamie Blackley (Adam, Mia’s love interest) whilst being incredibly good looking, was an amazing Adam. He really took on his character and made him alive.

My only problem with the film was the plot changes. It was overall true to the novel but I felt the few things they did change were too important to the story to have been changed. The main point they changed that was pointless was keeping a character alive longer than needed. It didn’t make any difference to the movie and only confused fans of the book.

If I Stay was a heart wrenching movie that is in the same category as favourite movies such as The Notebook and The Fault in Our Stars. I do, however, think that the director had so much potential but failed to fulfil it properly. There was so much that could have been done with the movie. Despite that, I did really enjoy If I Stay and hope they make a movie out of the second book, Where She Went.


Look, I liked the movie but I just couldn’t love it. I shed a little tear every now and then (nothing at all like The fault in our stars ) but I struggled with the emotional attachment. I also struggled with connecting with the characters in the book too, even more so than in the movie. I do not often say the movie is better than the book, but in this case I would happily say that if you had a choice to either read the book or watch the movie, I say go the movie.

Even though Ash and I are worlds apart in age ( OK maybe not worlds but a little different), we often share similar taste in lots of books and movies. This is one time I must say we are worlds apart. Love you Ash but this was just not for me.

cheers natalie

Stay with me always

Stay with me always

Stay with me always

Pretty Little Secrets

Pretty Little Secrets

Over the past month I have been busily reading all 17 books of the Pretty Little Liars series. At first I was not impressed with the books, much preferring it’s TV show counterpart. However as the series wore on, I got addicted. As I’ve been reading through the books, all it could think about was secrets. Although not everyone’s secrets are as big as the girls from Pretty Little Liars (stealing a priceless painting and pushing an innocent girl off a cliff for example), everyone does keep a secret at some stage.

Since I’m only young, I don’t have any major secrets to keep. I don’t cheat on anything (non existent boyfriends and math tests alike) and I have never stolen anything. I’m not part of a group of girls who like to go around blinding people (I did say that the liars had twisted secrets). When mum told me to write a new blog, I knew exactly what I would write it about. Secrets.

The idea of secrets can either be really good or really bad. There is no in between. Secrets can bring people closer, give them a common ground to talk about. Secrets can also be dangerous, a harm towards a relationship. Some secrets are safe to keep whereas others aren’t.

A line frequently mentioned in the book series, and is THE line from the TV shows theme song, “two can keep a secret if one of them is dead”, is false. As much as it rings true, it just doesn’t work in everyday situations. In normal cases, you keep a secret with someone close to you (such as a best friend or partner) and it is usually harmless. It doesn’t cause anyone physical harm. Unlike the girls on PLL, no one has the secret of a murder hanging over their shoulders.

Instead of having the other half you’re keeping a secret with being dead, I’ve decided to give a few healthy tips on how to keep a secret.
1. First decide if the secret is worth keeping. If someone is going to be hurt, in any way shape or form, then don’t keep it. That means anything from self harm to murder. If anyone is going to end up hurt.
2. Don’t tell. This one is obvious. A secret isn’t a secret if everyone knows about it. There is nothing worse than having someone spill your secret, so don’t go spilling everyone else.
3. That’s it. There is literally nothing else to do when keeping a secret. It’s simple. Don’t let someone get hurt and don’t tell.


From our eyes…


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Movie Review – “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn

The movie adaptation of Gone Girl was simply spectacular. Considering I only read the book, by Gillian Flynn, quite recently, I can say that the movie was very accurate. Before I watched the movie I was really worried about how they would pull off the complicated plot. Now I think it’s safe to say that I was worried over nothing.

For me, the standout of the movie was the casting. Amy, portrayed by Rosamund Pike, and Nick, portrayed by Ben Affleck, were simply superb. I think that they really channeled the characters created by Gillian. Whilst watching the movie you truly believed that they were Nick and Amy. Laray Madfield has done a brilliant job of finding actors who not only look, but were the characters.

As well as the casting, I thought that the overall plot was incredible. It didn’t lose anything important from the novel and didn’t have any major plot changes (unlike some movies). My grandma watched the movie with us and hadn’t read the book. We both loved it. I thought it had just the right amount of change to keep fans of the book on the edge of their seats.

Despite the fact that I knew what happened, I was kept in suspense the entire time. A few times I had to remind myself of what happened because I found myself being persuaded by what the movie wants you to think happened. I loved that I felt as if the whole story was unfurling right in front of my eyes. Watching Gone Girl made you feel very sane and rather normal.  Ashxxx


What an amazing movie “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn was. The movie was very close to the book so I don’t want to say much for those who have not read the book. But even if you haven’t read the book, go see the movie as the twists and turns will shock you.

The movie is based on a young couple Amy and Nick, who are celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary. Every year Amy plays a game on their anniversary leaving clues for Nick to find about their life, making it into a sort of treasure hunt. The day of the anniversary is the day Amy disappears from the family home under suspicious circumstances. The police become involved when clues are found surrounding her disappearance and all evidence is looking like Nick is responsible for her murder. The only problem is there is no body. This is when the story becomes intriguing and where I will stop writing.

The movie was full of suspense, intrigue, romance, violence and sex. I am not sure I would take a 14 year old to see this movie (yes I did take Ashlea) but I was unaware of how graphic it was.

cheers natalie xxx

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