Pretty Little Secrets

Pretty Little Secrets

Over the past month I have been busily reading all 17 books of the Pretty Little Liars series. At first I was not impressed with the books, much preferring it’s TV show counterpart. However as the series wore on, I got addicted. As I’ve been reading through the books, all it could think about was secrets. Although not everyone’s secrets are as big as the girls from Pretty Little Liars (stealing a priceless painting and pushing an innocent girl off a cliff for example), everyone does keep a secret at some stage.

Since I’m only young, I don’t have any major secrets to keep. I don’t cheat on anything (non existent boyfriends and math tests alike) and I have never stolen anything. I’m not part of a group of girls who like to go around blinding people (I did say that the liars had twisted secrets). When mum told me to write a new blog, I knew exactly what I would write it about. Secrets.

The idea of secrets can either be really good or really bad. There is no in between. Secrets can bring people closer, give them a common ground to talk about. Secrets can also be dangerous, a harm towards a relationship. Some secrets are safe to keep whereas others aren’t.

A line frequently mentioned in the book series, and is THE line from the TV shows theme song, “two can keep a secret if one of them is dead”, is false. As much as it rings true, it just doesn’t work in everyday situations. In normal cases, you keep a secret with someone close to you (such as a best friend or partner) and it is usually harmless. It doesn’t cause anyone physical harm. Unlike the girls on PLL, no one has the secret of a murder hanging over their shoulders.

Instead of having the other half you’re keeping a secret with being dead, I’ve decided to give a few healthy tips on how to keep a secret.
1. First decide if the secret is worth keeping. If someone is going to be hurt, in any way shape or form, then don’t keep it. That means anything from self harm to murder. If anyone is going to end up hurt.
2. Don’t tell. This one is obvious. A secret isn’t a secret if everyone knows about it. There is nothing worse than having someone spill your secret, so don’t go spilling everyone else.
3. That’s it. There is literally nothing else to do when keeping a secret. It’s simple. Don’t let someone get hurt and don’t tell.



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