This word is one that I think is underrated. Perception is an individual concept yet it affects everything around us. The way I perceive something is MY CHOICE, and this is something I am in total control over.

I can analyse a situation in a positive or a negative way.

I can perceive a situation from the viewpoint of LOVE or FEAR.

It is easier to focus on what has gone wrong in our lives and harder to focus on all that has gone right.

Try perceiving life from a positive point of view, with the glass being half full and see how that makes you feel.

Lose the glass is half empty from your thought process and soon enough, you will never look at life from a negative view point.

It is amazing how life looks so much brighter coming from a positive perception.

This is your choice how you perceive the world.

cheers natalie xxx



  1. Pete With Feet says:

    Undoubtedly thinking positively beats hands down having only negative thoughts.
    Lets face it however, in this increasingly materialistic sectarian world of ours, positive and negative perceptions abound – probably 50/50. I am agreeing totally that being a positively motivated person in all you do far outweighs being negative on all counts.
    What I am suggesting however is that its more likely harder to be positive when conditions seem lost or unattainable, pointless even. This is where your personal control over perceptions comes into play. My point is sometimes a positive perception could be ill founded, dangerous even? If you simply glibly approach an issue positively, without considered thought, because that is just the way you are, the ramifications may turn around and bite you.
    Neville Chamberlin, the British Prime Minister, in 1939 went to Germany to meet with Chancellor Adolph Hitler. He flew back to London convinced and advised the British Parliament, his considered perception, that Germany had absolutely no thoughts or desire whatsoever of embarking into armed conflict with any European Country. Chamberlin’s “very positive perception” fatefully exploded just 10 days after his meeting when Germany invaded Poland, and the catastrophic World War 11 commenced.
    This analogy, albeit a long gone occurrence , is simply used to illustrate my point.
    Perception is personal, you do have total control. Following a glass half full attitude and mentality is both refreshing, and often very rewarding. Cherish this quality and be thankful that you embrace it.
    Being positive is a fine human quality, not bestowed on many, and should be looked upon as a blessing.
    Pete With Feet

    • What a fantastic analogy Pete. We can perceive a situation simply to suit ourselves but in reality it is not the case. Things like this can be out of our control. The controlling factor is how we want to look at every situation – with fear in our eyes or with love. Coming from the love side, things appear happier and in essence makes us happier. Coming from the fear side, things appear too hard, too negative and this puts our mind in a ‘poor me’ frame. Thinking this way is a trait I try to teach my children, as I was taught. It is not always realistic but changes your attitude towards what happens to you in life.

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