Teenage Fear

imagesBeing scared isn’t much fun. Whether it’s scared of what the future holds or going to see the next horror movie, being scared is no fun whatsoever. Of course, sometimes fear is healthy. In instances such as wanting to jump off a cliff, it is okay to be scared of dying. A good dose of fear every now and again (in safe situations of course, I am not talking about throwing yourself off a cliff to experience the fear of falling) is perfectly normal.

Why, you may ask, am I talking about being scared? My new favourite TV show of course, why else would any teenage girl have any idea. American Horror Story delves into the more extreme versions of fear. Some of these are murderous ghosts, asylum dwellers, witches and murderous clowns. The show plays on human emotions and makes you feel extremely scared the entire time. The best part of the show though, is turning my laptop off and knowing I am completely safe. It isn’t always like that when it comes to overcoming fear.

For a fourteen year old, my main concern is my future. My best friend began exams this year and whilst they aren’t VCE, they are stepping stones towards them. I don’t have exams quite yet but it seems as if there is already ideas for how my future is going to be. Expectations are set and it is hard not be scared that you won’t fulfil them. Obviously the future isn’t quite as scary as the idea of being killed by a clown but it is scary enough to cause mountain loads of stress. I’ve decided that in the spirit of exams (and American Horror Story!) I would give three tips I have learnt from watching other people,  handle the fear of the future.

  1. Try not to stress! I know it sounds hard but sometimes the best way to avoid being scared is to not put yourself in the position where you spend every minute worrying about it. Stress and fear usually go hand in hand.
  2. Try to confront yourself and make decisions based on what you want. Of course, it is beneficial to ask people you care about for their opinions but to avoid being scared, it is good to know what you want and how to get there.
  3. And finally, don’t look into the future too much. It is better to live in the present and not fret too much about what is to come. I’ve learnt via watching those around me, that the present is the only one we live in so you may as well make the most of it.




  1. Pete With Feet says:

    Ash, don’t get me started on TV shows and “emotions” – TV is a product that is sold for money!
    At 14 you live for the moment: soak up as much life as your tender years allow as you will undoubtedly experience over time all manner of feelings, including fear, . Stress and real fear are generally strong emotions experienced as you proceed through life and to be frank to be able to address these emotions, as and when they occur, having experienced them along life’s path, clearly makes you better able to handle them. This is not rocket science.
    Fear comes in degrees. Looking too far down the track, crystal ball gazing for example, which is tantamount to pure speculation?, is a healthy trait but should be treated in a somewhat light hearted manner which you probably do in any event.. You may have a concern about something, even casual wonderment?, but the potential outcome is generally not fear so it’s not something to really worry about.
    Form opinions, develop ideas and create understandings of issues and events but don’t approach things too seriously. This will come, but not now.
    You are very much on the right track and your blog confirms this. Well done.
    Pete with Feet

    • Hi Pete,

      I love the feedback you have given Ashlea. It takes years of life experience to handle all the emotions life throws at you and I can tell you have experienced them and handled them well. I don’t think Ash has felt stress in her life yet but think with all our research on writing and the topics we discuss, hopefully she will understand herself well enough to know when she is stressed and needs help.

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