Advice to your daughter – (No.2)

4-up on 5-10-2014 at 5.40 pmAs a mother of 2 teenage daughters ( and 2 younger boys but I will get to them later), I have noticed that parenting is getting harder and harder as they age. When I had 4 children 6 and under, I thought it couldn’t get any harder. And that was the case at the time – it was physically exhausting. However, as my children have grown, so have their needs, mainly emotional needs and I need to be there for them more now than ever.

I am living through this stage but I have also done extensive research about helping other parents survive the teenage years. I have devised another 5 tips on keeping that parallel connection with your daughter.

For your daughter to read:

  1. Learn to fail and fail well. Some things in life cannot be taught at school or at home. Learning first hand from failure is the best way to never do it again. It builds resilience. Own it.
  2. Friendships should make you feel good. Over a lifetime we meet people who are good for us and others who are not. Choosing a friend should compliment you and should be a mutual affection for each other.
  3. Say no to drugs. Please please please. For some people it only takes one try to turn their normal, happy life into a nightmare.
  4. Being a teenager only lasts 7 years, slow down. Don’t grow up too quick. There are so many wonderful experiences for young women to enjoy and there is plenty of time. Enjoy having little responsibility as adulthood is full of accountability.
  5. A boyfriend (or partner) speaks louder with actions than with words. Listen to their actions and decide if this is the person who deserves you.

cheers natalie



  1. Yes unfortunately no one wants to fail, but totally agree with you that it’s important to experience failure as we learn from it and helps us grow and find some direction in life.
    As for the drugs, educate educate educate!! We cannot bury our heads as parents and believe it won’t happen to our children. They will come across it and be offered to take them and as parents we hope we teach them to make the right choc ices and that they are the bigger person if they don’t take them.( particularly in a peer group pressure scenario😔) saddens me drugs are everywhere!!!

    • Hey Dotti,
      I grew up hearing the saying.. “Some lessons need to be learnt the hard way”… And I told his to be true.
      I am fairly untouched by drugs but I have seen many families ( not simply the individual taking drugs) who have their lives ruined. Educating children from a young age maybe our only way to stop so many lives being destroyed. Cheers Natalie

  2. Meant to be “right choices” not choc ices!!! 😝


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