Circle of love

Circle of love


The loves of my life – my four children. Each child brings me joy, love, pleasure, anger and have made me the woman I am. I love them all equally but there are times when I like one more than another. A Favourite child I do not have.

Do you have a favourite child and afraid to admit it?



  1. I don’t have a favorite, though with one of my two still so young I definitely don’t relate to him as well … yet … as the older, more communicative one.

    My mom always told my sisters and me she didn’t have favorites, but we recently learned she’d called my brother her favorite. She did a pretty decent job concealing it, at least. 🙂

    • Hi Debra, I understand what you mean by the decreased communication with your youngest child. As children mature, the similarities increase and therefore the relationship develops. My eldest daughter I obviously blog with and friends have said she is my favourite. However, it is simply that we can communicate on a different level. I am a little naughty as I jokingly tell each child individually that they are my favourite. They all know I do it so hopefully I’m not scarring them much.

  2. Pauline Bourn says:


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