Hot or not??

imagesRecently I took the family to the races to spend the day with friends. It was a beautiful sunny day, the track was gleaming, the horses were looking powerful and the punters ready to spend up big.

As we settled down in our little spot for the day, I began watching the crowd mingle with each other but more importantly, I was fashion watching. I love to not only see what people are wearing (I try to stay up with fashion) but the way in which the inner fashionista comes out.

What is with some of the young girls and their choice of clothing? I saw beautiful looking 20 something girls, fabulous figures, wearing almost nothing. Skirts so short that if the wind blew, I would be witness to everything. Dresses so tight that eating was NOT AN OPTION. Shoes so high and inappropriate for races, that each step they took made me think of a drunk giraffe. I saw outfits that were transparent (no imagination required with these ones). I saw outfits that showed exactly what underwear was being worn.

“Come on girls” I found myself screaming for half of the day. I also saw some beautifully dress girls, yes they had short skirts but still left a little for the imagination.  Some rules of dressing yourself in the morning:

  1. Dress according to the weather (layer up ladies)
  2. Dress according to your size and age (midriff at my age is a big no no).
  3. Check out yourself from all angles (this is where you will notice underwear, transparency and anything else not right)
  4. High heels are great (I have many) but if you can’t walk in them you look ridiculous.
  5. Leave a little to the imagination (most boys actually find this sexier)

cheers natalie


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