Not just another anti-bullying campaign



On Monday at school, Bars and Melodies came to give an anti-bullying campaign. They sang songs that they wrote together and spoke to the entire senior school about their stories of being bullied and how they overcame it. It was a really inspirational event that came as a massive shock to everyone in my school (these boys are celebrities for crying out loud).

Bars and Melodies are a British duo. The team contains Leondre and Charlie who are 14 and 16 respectively. The two boys rose to fame on Britain’s Got Talent when they first sang their hit single Hopeful that they wrote themselves. Having the opportunity to listen to the stories of real people who are my age really puts things into perspective when it comes to bullying.

We all have heard stories from people who are way older about their experiences with bullying but it feels a lot more real when I hear about a boy who is literally my age being bullied. It was kind of surreal to see these two boys who have come all the way from England just to talk to you about bullying. Whilst I myself have never really being bullied, I have heard stories from some of my friends about how they were bullied.

Bullying is a serious issue that lots of kids face all over the globe. Personally, I think it’s wonderful what these boys are doing to help aid the anti-bullying scheme of Australia. The positive image they are sending kids all over the world is amazing compared to celebrities like Justin Bieber who show their fans that it is perfectly acceptable to drive under influence and graffiti.

It doesn’t help that both of these boys are cute as. The oldest one, Charlie, took a selfie with me and my friend. I got a group shot with both boys and all my friends. It was kind of awesome to meet someone famous whilst at school. It’s not every day that you go to school and meet someone who is known worldwide. I left the hall today feeling inspired to make a difference just like they did.

Ash xxxx



  1. Pete With Feet says:

    Ash, one thing I do know,; bullying regrettably is not gender specific, ie favours girls over boys.
    Bullying is an act of cowardice perpetrated (globally) by in the main younger people who have no respect for their fellow students and who, as an individual, act often as part of a pack in order to receive very misguided recognition.
    The serious ramifications that could result in someone bullying a defenceless student, who is totally incapable of defending such an attack, is generally carried out by someone, incapable of rational thinking, and with the same IQ as a piece of soap !! These bully’s do not deserve to be given the time of day, let alone your friendship.
    One thing I do say is report all unsolicited bullying, and yes be inspired by your famous and amazing peers to help ease and overcome the growing cancer of bullying.
    Every step you take, no matter how small, to help eliminate bullying is likely to be more far reaching than you could possibly imagine.
    Pete With Feet

  2. Your feedback is amazing Pete. Bullying will never stop completely but taking baby steps to help eliminate it is the best way. Having the courage to speak up is what we need to encourage in our children as show these bullies that they are the cowards not the person the are picking on.


  1. […] few days after we posted our blog Not Just Another Anti-Bullying Campaign, the boys we wrote it about (Bars and Melody) tweeted a link to the blog. Well we flipped […]

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