Advice to your mum…

IMG_4658Here are the best five pieces of advice I can give any mum on how to raise a teenage daughter;

  1. Respect my space. Unlike what is most commonly thought, I don’t just mean my phone. To me, having my own area (meaning my room) is really important. This isn’t me saying to steer clear of my room altogether but I am saying, give me space as much as possible. And for every teenager with siblings, we know that they can be the biggest pains in existence. Having a place where I can escape them is invaluable.
  2. My phone is mine. As much as you probably think I am hiding something, I’m not. I like knowing that my mum won’t pry into my private conversations with my friends. My advice is that majority of the time, my conversations aren’t even interesting. If you start checking my phone twenty-four seven, then I will start hiding something. If you really want to find out if I’m doing anything wrong (fyi mum I’m not) then only check it once in a blue moon.
  3. Remember that I am balancing a lot as well. Yes you might work and parent your children, but I have a lot going on in my life as well. Between the ever increasing workload I’m getting from school, all my extra-curricular sporting commitments and having a social life, I am under a lot of stress as well. Try and keep in mind that sometimes, when I get snippy it’s not because I’m angry but because I have a lot going on.
  4. Don’t make assumptions. The whole “you’re a teenager so you’re going to be moody” thing is totally overrated. Not all teenagers are moody all the time. Yes there are a fair few teens who are constantly angry, but pretty much all of my friends aren’t like that. It is a terrible stereotype that every teen has to face. Parents may be surprised to know that occasionally, when we are angry it is because we have a legitimate reason to be mad.
  5. Don’t lie to me. Teenagers and especially girls are very perceptive and can usually pick up on things. There is nothing I hate more than being told a lie. When someone lies, it shows that they have no respect for you as a person. Obviously, there are things I can’t know because despite what I might say, I am still a child. Teenagers already get enough rubbish when they get judged based on what, the completely unrealistic views of teenagers you see on tv, show us.

Ash xxxxx

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  1. Good blog Ash…it’s tough being a teenager but also tough being a mother of a teenager… We all have to learn together… My pet hate is telling lies, even at this age I cannot understand why people lie

  2. NICE!!

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