Sunday Morning Envy


Nothing worse than waking up Sunday morning, checking out social media, only to find everyone you know had a much better night than you.



  1. Pete With Feet says:

    Nat, the only way you think others had a better time than you is because you heard it on the grape vine,
    Did others know what time you had, did you tell them?
    Are your friends seeking a same venue night out result absolutely in line with your expectations?
    Your night is your night – sometimes you may not even feel right before you leave home!
    Posts through social media from friends are sometimes not necessarily the yardstick on which you hang your hat on to judge your next mornings hangover out of 10?
    Simply talking – en-balance I wager that more often than you will admit you actually had a ball, being the fantastic social animal and party girl you are, and only question whether you did or not because of someone’s else’s throw away comment you read in bed on your iPad the following morning?
    Anyway, every picture tells a story😃 seems like you were having a blast on the Occassion featured?
    Hang in there. Nat.
    Pete With Feet

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