My Christmas loves

I started this wonderful Christmas journey 14 years ago. Every year I cherish the family photo as it shows exactly where my children were at. I can see how they have physically changed by also see the emotional development of each. I have never asked them to be someone they are not in these pictures as you can see by some of the expressions. I have been require to sit in a few because that was the only way I could get the pictures, but that was the stage they were at. I love this time of year. Do you?







  1. Pete With Feet says:

    Nat, How come Santa in the pictures does not seem to age?
    Anyway, life is such a wonderful thing- and it’s meant to be.
    A plus for you (call it great luck) is that you have four marvellous young people, so different to boot – to nurture into adulthood. What a joy.
    You will, for years to come, be amazed; astounded; frustrated; annoyed; loved; satisfied; wild; drained and so proud.
    Christmas , a time you just love, is so much more than that portrayed by major retailers.
    Family – acknowledging together that globally there are human beings in this beautiful world of ours in a much worse off position than you, is a quality, that is doing something about it together, no matter how small, which generates a personal feeling of goodwill and inner satisfaction at this beautiful time you love. This should be taught.

    Pete With Feet

  2. That is so adorable 💛…. Gorgeous bunch!!

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