What kind of friend are you?


There are many types of friends out there, but for the sake of this blog, I am only going to list 5 types. Choose which friend you think you are and send this blog to your friends and see what they think.

  1. LOYAL – Are you the loyal friend? This friend is always there no matter what is happening. They always put your friendship first, protect you from the ‘mean girls’ of the world and stick up for you even when you are wrong.
  2. FUNNY – Are you the funny friend? This friend is not often serious and finds something funny in almost everything you do. They always have a smile on their face and believe their job in life is to make people happy. This friend never knows when to say enough.
  3. SERIOUS – Are you the serious friend? This friend always has the right answer to any question thrown at them, but they are not condescending. This friend loves having a good time but always knows when enough is enough.
  4. EMPATHETIC – Are you the empathetic friend? This friend has more emotions than One Direction has fans on twitter. They always deeply understand what you are going through and often cry/laugh/get angry in sync with you. This friend is great to turn to when you need sympathy or feeling sorry for yourself.
  5. GOOD LISTENER – Are you a good listener? This friend always lets you talk first, taking in every word before analysing the story. They will give advice, great and honest advice even if they think it will hurt your feelings. You always know exactly where you stand with this friend, good or bad.

With me, I think I fall between loyal and empathetic.

So what type of friend are you?

cheers Natalie xxx


If you look around at your friends, you will notice variations between them all. Sometimes, all it takes is a smile from one particular friend to instantly lift your spirits. Then other times all you need to hear the encouraging voice of another friend to boost your confidence and put back on track.

Everyone is different so it stands to reason that every friend is different too. I have friends of all kinds. I have serious friends and friends who make me laugh. I have friends that I can bear my soul to and friends who I could hang out with for weeks at a time. I love every single one of my friends but there are a few different types that really stand out.

For me, when I think of my friends the first person who comes to mind is my best friend. I won’t name her but she knows who she is. Together, we can spend hours laughing at things that even we know aren’t funny. We have come up with numerous dances and have too many inside jokes to name off the top of our heads (we keep a list). She is one of the few people who know basically everything about me and I would trust her with my life, no matter how much I joke that I don’t.

After the best friend, I have the funny friends. I could spend hours laughing and talking about useless rubbish. These friends make it really easy to go to school and not worry about being bored. These friends help relieve the stress from school life. As much as I love my friends who can be serious, I don’t know how I would be able to survive going to school every day without the people who make everything into a joke.

After talking about my friends, what kind of friend am I? To be frank, I have no clue. I think that my friends see me as whatever kind of friend they need. I can be the loyal friend or the fun friend. I can also be the serious friend or the friend you can tell anything to. I think that I am quite trustworthy and I am really good at keeping secrets. I am whatever person people need me to be.

cheers Ash xxx


What type of friend are you?



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  2. Great post. I believe that each friend brings out something different and different friends can’t be mixed for some unknown reason.. some friends have time limits you can spend a week or an hour…..Hopefully I am an unbelievably amazing friend who knows her limits to friendships, so we stay friends forever.. xx

    • It’s amazing Tamzen how you can have friends who are so different, yet you love them in similar ways. I have never thought about the fact that some friends from different groups do not get along. Interesting isn’t it?

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