About Ashlea

Photo on 13-11-2014 at 7.46 pm #3Photo on 13-11-2014 at 7.45 pm #5Hi, my name is Ashlea and I am a fourteen year old student in Year.9. I am the oldest of four children and am constantly surrounded by my younger siblings and cousins. I share in Mum’s passion for writing and reading and can say I am most happiest when I can indulge in either. I am excited about writing a blog as I get the chance to practice both passions.

My favourite genre to read and write is teenage fiction, especially fantasy. I also have an interest in Greek Mythology, recently having decided to write a story based on some of these myths. When I read and write I feel as though I can escape our crazy lifestyle and fall into my own surreal creation.

My Mum and I have a special bond, one that we have based on mutual likes and dislikes. I hope that between the pair of us we are able to shed new light on different topics or help your burning questions. Even though our worlds may seem miles apart, I know Mum and our parallel connection will always be there for me.




  1. I love the topic and idea of your blog . Parallel Connections. ❤

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