About Natalie

I’m Natalie, a busy mother to 4 children who has found a few spare hours a week to indulge in her passion of writing. I am completing my Bachelor in Professional Writing and Publishing and also specialise in social media facilitating for small businesses. I have written 3 novels, all still under maintenance, awaiting the day the scaffolding can be removed to reveal the genuine story. My favourite topics to write about are women’s issues and family connections, both of which are covered in our blog.

Ashlea is 14 years old and my eldest child. She shares my passion for the written word and will be writing this blog along side me. By connecting our two worlds, our two parallel experiences, we can share the life of a mother – teenage daughter relationship, the good and the not so good. Our honest approach to current topics, from individual and contrasting perspectives will help me with my parenting and Ashlea with growing into a woman. Hopefully the beautiful connection I currently have with Ashlea continues to grow in the same direction, occasionally gravitating away but strong enough to reignite our bond.

Breanna is my other daughter and will make some special guest appearances throughout the life of our blog. Breanna is only a year younger than her sister however her passions are not in writing but she is willing to post the occasional blog, just for me. My 2 boys are a little young to be involved but as the blog matures, so will they and hopefully the male perspective can integrate in each topic.

Enjoy our story, our lives, our parallel connection.




  1. The photograph above portrays a beautifully weaved family. 🙂

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