5 Tips on surviving school camp

School camp can be the highlight of the school year for some people but something others dread the most. For me, I’ve always loved school camps. I don’t know whether this is because I love socialising with my friends away from school or just because I’ve grown up in a big camping environment, either way, school camps are awesome.

I know that some people don’t look forward to camp as much as I do. This may just be because they are worried about the unknown or just hate camping in general. Whatever the reason, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to a school camp. You are in a secure environment surrounded by your friends,what more could you ask for?

If you are really worried about going on camp, follow these few simple steps and you will have a blast in no time.

  1. Don’t over think it. Things may not be exactly as they are like at home for you but don’t fret. Going on a camp is like going on a holiday. On a holiday you try new foods, stay in different places and do cool and exciting things. Camp is just like this. If you don’t over think the whole camp experience things will be fine.

  2. Relax, it makes things so much easier. If you spend the entire camp stressed out or worried about every little detail, you won’t enjoy yourself. Take a step back and a deep breath and let go of any worries you have. Try and live in the moment at camp and not stress about tomorrow or yesterday.

  3. Focus on the positives. So the food isn’t that nice, look on the bright side, you get a few days off school and homework and get to spend time with your friends! Looking at every negative that shows up will turn you into a ‘party pooper’ and trust me, no one likes people like that, especially on a fun camp.

  4. Lighten up. I know that for some people, going on camp is stepping outside of their comfort zone but take it as a challenge. Don’t be the person in the group who always sits out on the activities and misses  all the fun. Step up and test the boundaries of what you know. For all you know you might have a natural talent that you didn’t even know existed.

  5. Finally, have fun. I know it is cliché but the best way to enjoy camp is to do that, enjoy camp. It’s only for a few days so you may as well make the most of it. Some of the best memories I have from school are the camps and I am still making more to this day. Camp can be fun if you put your mind to it.

see ya Ashlea xxxx


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