Movie Review – Mockingjay Part 1


Mockingjay Part 1 Review

I literally have one word for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and that is WOW! The movie was incredible; I would even go as far as to say it was better than the book. In my opinion, the first half of the Mockingjay novel was boring, and that is something I never say about a book. The first part of the book was centred around Katniss who, surprisingly (note the sarcasm), had post-traumatic stress disorder.

However, the movie was extremely fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat. The storyline, whilst very close to the book, contained added scenes that made it impossible to stop watching, even as someone who knew what was going to happen. For me, my favourite scene from the movie was the rescue scene. This wasn’t in the book which is probably why I loved it so much.

As per usual with The Hunger Games movies, the acting was fantastic. Jennifer Lawrence, once again, was the only person who could be Katniss Everdeen. In this movie Elizabeth Banks (Effie Trinket) was a stand out. She played the political rebel with a dash of Capitol fabulousness perfectly. I was also very impressed with how Josh Hutcherson portrayed Peeta slowly spiralling into insanity.

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If I stay – movie review


If I Stay was a really touching movie. Since I’m a teenage girl I found myself really emotionally invested in the characters. I fell in love with Adam as Mia did. I cried, multiple times, all throughout the movie. As a real “sook” (as mum likes to refer to me) I always seem to find myself crying over any sort of hard-hitting emotional scene.

Since I am a real nerd, I did my research. I have loved Chloe Moretz for ages and my love for her has been reaffirmed in If I stay. She was a real standout and perfectly captured Mia’s character. Although Mia was the main character, I think the casting overall was great. Jamie Blackley (Adam, Mia’s love interest) whilst being incredibly good looking, was an amazing Adam. He really took on his character and made him alive.

My only problem with the film was the plot changes. It was overall true to the novel but I felt the few things they did change were too important to the story to have been changed. The main point they changed that was pointless was keeping a character alive longer than needed. It didn’t make any difference to the movie and only confused fans of the book.

If I Stay was a heart wrenching movie that is in the same category as favourite movies such as The Notebook and The Fault in Our Stars. I do, however, think that the director had so much potential but failed to fulfil it properly. There was so much that could have been done with the movie. Despite that, I did really enjoy If I Stay and hope they make a movie out of the second book, Where She Went.


Look, I liked the movie but I just couldn’t love it. I shed a little tear every now and then (nothing at all like The fault in our stars ) but I struggled with the emotional attachment. I also struggled with connecting with the characters in the book too, even more so than in the movie. I do not often say the movie is better than the book, but in this case I would happily say that if you had a choice to either read the book or watch the movie, I say go the movie.

Even though Ash and I are worlds apart in age ( OK maybe not worlds but a little different), we often share similar taste in lots of books and movies. This is one time I must say we are worlds apart. Love you Ash but this was just not for me.

cheers natalie

Divergent – The movie

The other day, mum and I went to the cinemas and saw Divergent. As we were both huge fans of the books, we couldn’t wait for the movie to hit the big screens so we can watch the words we have fallen in love with take over the world. I think it is safe to say, mum and I both loved the movie and are desperate to see it again.

For me, my favourite part of the whole movie was the cast. It was done so well in comparison to the book and I thought they couldn’t have chosen anyone better. Shailene Woodley starred as Tris Prior and I think that she was a perfect choice. Theo James (Four), Ansel Elgort (Caleb Prior) and Miles Teller (Peter) all starred in male leads in the film and I think they portrayed their characters perfectly.

The loyalty to the book was pretty on par for a book to movie transition. It wasn’t as full on as the book is but still had a certain charm that the book contained. The movie had quotes from the book and didn’t create entirely new scenes. Fans of the book trilogy by Veronica Roth will not be disappointed by the movie.

However, this movie isn’t just a hit amongst the book fans, it is a hit amongst everyone. The movie hit the box office hard making millions the day it came out in America. Lions gate has already confirmed three more movies in the trilogy, Insurgent in 2015 and Allegiant part one and two in 2016 and 2017. Reviews have been very positive about the movie so I would definitely  suggest going to watch it, whether you have read the book or not.


I loved the movie Divergent and not only because I am a fan of the book but because it is a style of genre I get excited about. As Ash mentioned, the movie is true to the book, more so than other movies we have seen. However, I think I may be a little bias in my memory as I wanted the two to be identical. I have read mixed reviews about this movie.

The story is based around Tris Prior, a young girl who finds out she is a divergent and needs to learn to handle her unique status. She meets and falls in love with Four, played by Theo James and together they fight to win freedom for themselves and others living in their community.

It is an action packed adventure storyline and will keep you glued to the screen through out. The physical violence between young men and women is a little hard to watch at times but that is partly the basis of the story.

A highly recommend movie from Ash and myself.

cheers natalie

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