Malaysian Airlines tragedy…

5606422-16x9-220x1245606220-16x9-220x124graphic-showing-range-of-buk-missiles-and-altitude-of-mh17-dataAs I’m sure everyone knows by now, there has been a Malaysian Airlines plane that has been bombed straight out of the air in the Ukrainian air space. I am absolutely disgusted by what has happened because to me, it seems so inhumane. People who are willing to bomb a plane full of people (knowingly or not) are barely worth a second thought except to let them pay the price for their disturbing actions.

The MH17 carried 28 Australians who all perished in the missile attack ,which through no fault of our own, brings Australia into their war. The plane had 295 people on board, all of whom are without a second doubt dead. Even though all these people have died in one go, the thing that haunts me the most is the fact that not a single distress call was made by a single person on board the plane, meaning that everyone on board died instantly.

I think that all the excuses we have been hearing about why the missile was launched are totally bogus. I have heard that they thought the plane was either a supply carrier or filled with spies, either of which would result in deaths no matter what. I think that the whole ordeal is something that could have been avoided ( by Malaysian airlines). I don’t know much about what is going in between Russia and Ukraine, but I do know that no war is a good war.


Such a tragic topic to discuss but one which cannot be avoided. Australia is generally a peaceful country and one many people from other countries would love to have the opportunity to come and settle. When a tragedy such as the Malaysian airlines missile attack occurs, and so many of our innocent people were targeted, we can no longer claim to be neutral. It is unfair on the Australian population who want to remain at arm’s length on what is happening in other war-torn countries, but this horrific event only proves that the world is a small place.

We are in this together, whether we like it or not, but how can the world ever get along?

I hate war ( like so many others) and I hate discussing it. However, it is out of my control when a world event like this happens and my children are asking me questions like WHY? I just don’t know why and I do not understand how people can have such disregard for human life. The passengers on the plane were just like you and I, living their lives peacefully, hoping to stay healthy and happy, spending precious time with loved ones.

Was there a baby on board who was giggling while being held tightly by mum? Was there a young child on board colouring in a picture, careful not to go outside the lines? Were there school mates leaving home for the first time to explore the wonderful world around them?  Was there a newly wed couple, beginning their new life together, dreaming of all life’s possibilities? Was there a retired couple, cherishing the time together they deserve having worked all their lives for this moment? Just normal every day people who were struck down because someone decided it was a good idea.

I have struggled talking about this event as it is so far out of my league. My children are confused, as am I, and we would like answers on why life has become a throw away commodity. Life is there to be valued, every single one, not discarded as pawn in a war over land. Have you discussed war with your children?

cheers natalie

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  1. Peter Bourn says:

    Well written folks. The painful bottom line I regret to say is that it’s very much a political disaster and an innocent scape-goat will undoubtedly be found (ie: some soldier who pressed the button in error) but the real perpetrators will get away with this entirely. Teach your kids tolerance of others and belief that everyone on this planet has equal rights, for the most part, clouded in the main by a minority of bigoted religious fanatics attempting to force their way of life and warped religious unwanted beliefs in a non-democratic and disrespectful manner. Many of the things going on in Europe and the Middle East at present just makes me sick to the core – mainly because I simply don’t understand WHY?? Hug the kids before they go to bed tonight. Pete Peter Bourn


    • Well said Pete. I think I will read your response to my children so they can understand a little more on how other people are thinking and reacting to this sickening event. The old saying where it can only take 1 person to ruin it for everyone is so true here. I agree with teaching children to be tolerant of others, especially when they do not agree with you, but everyone is entitled to have their opinion.

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